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Bruce [userpic]

After the time taken writing my last post, I didn't get to the bar until something like 8:20pm. I don't think I've ever been that late before.

Given a typical Sunday, there might have been a person or two there.

So of course there was a small crowd this time.

I don't think I can remember everyone, but definitely cekyr0, moahb, writenwrong, and supersixy.

So I set up as rapidly as possible, which turned out to by about 8:55pm or so. At least they laughed when I announced "Welcome to the midnight show."

And that was the start of a relatively low-key, relaxing Sunday show. I fit in 7 rotations before shutting down at 1:50am, each around 11 people in length, with a little coming and going in the roster. I think I had a total of about 17 singers.

Bar income was very very slightly down.

Just about the sort of night I needed, honestly.

spondee showed up for the second show in a row, which is always a treat. I don't see her very much, but I'm still going to miss her.

And we had a new singer, Danielle. She seemed to have a good time, and hopefully will be back.

Afterwards, timenchanter headed home, then supersniffles and I had dinner (at Denny's, of course), grabbed some chicken strips for segajenison, then headed over to her place to install her new wireless router and marvel at Jenison's hair. I haven't seen bright blond hair with black eyebrows in a while - quite striking, and quite hot.

Somehow, that all took until 5:00am or so, at which time Cindi was doing her best to encourage me to leave while being friendly. I was trying to, but had some trouble with motivation (I get that way when tired, sometimes). But eventually it worked.

After I got home, I think I got to sleep around 7:00am. I woke up for a bit at 2:00pm or so, verified that I'd missed Cindi's package, set things up to pick it up tomorrow, and promptly went back to sleep, to wake up again at 5:30pm.

Dunno why, precisely, I'm so lethargic lately. I could just still be recovering from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I suppose. At least I don't seem to be sick anymore. In fact, hauling the rack into the car yesterday was the easiest time I remember having of it - no huffing and puffing at all.

But whatever. Right now, I need to motivate myself to clean up and get to the bar, or I'll be late again.

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