Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Here, There, and Everywhere

It's been a busy few days, and I'm behind in keeping track of them.

Monday's show was, well, pretty good for a Monday. Nothing spectacular, but we did have people like spawrhawk and Nate-o show up, as well as the return of Jeff, Karen, and Eme. Karen didn't sing this time, but both Jeff and Eme did, quite a bit - they even had the courage to let me pick songs for them. With far better luck for Jeff.

I managed 10 rotations between about 9:10pm (when people showed up), and 1:50am. Not too bad. And I even managed to get Mikey to sing Celine, 'cause I'm that evil.

Afterward I went over to supersniffles's, and moved her computer into a new case (with a new power supply). Timmie and I had shopped for a power supply before the show, and found a cheap, good-looking case where the power supply didn't overhang the CPU. Granted, it was $25 more than the power supply on its own, but it was pretty.

On the other hand, moving into a new case is kind of a pain. For some reason, attaching the front panel connectors is always a bit of a nightmare, for me, anyway. So I was at Cindi's until 6:00am, getting everything moved over, verifying that it had the exact same problem, and ordering a new motherboard/CPU combo from Tiger Direct. That should arrive next Monday, at least if I'm awake to receive it. She's going to have a fresh new computer by the time this is finished - not much more powerful, but fresh and new.

Then home, to sleep at 8:00am, and back up at around 3:45pm, in time to rush through getting ready for timenchanter's first birthday dinner at the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory. A nice, and fairly large group - I'm not going to remember everybody. It included pjdorian and Dennis (who I never see), the similarly rarely viewed misswong77 and tigercutig, kshandra, cekyr0 and jeffercine, and several others that are mildly fuzzy right now.

Afterwards, most of us wandered through Borders for a while, largely, I think, because it was there. Fun, though.

Then Timmie and I headed over to Hunter's, and had some drinks. We were there until around 1:20pm, drinking in a corner and watching videos.

Damn there's a lot of crappy songs out there.

And man is Rihanna hot.

Ran into Larry, Joe, and Eric (dwo's brother). I was also recognized by a lesbian couple. The price of fame...

We started feeling a little hungry, and so found our way to the La Victoria on San Carlos. We were actually surprised by the food quality. It might have been the cook that night, and it might have had a bit to do with the alcohol (though I was pretty sober at that point), but the quality and proportion of the fillings was excellent for both of us.

From there, we rambled through SJSU for a bit, so Timmie could show me the buildings his classes were in. At least one of them was remarkably familiar.

Then home, and sleep. I woke up for a bit 4 hours later, then decided to sleep some more.

And woke up at 4:45pm. Hence, given my speeds, I was late to dinner_and. By an hour. There were only 3 of candiddani's weenies left.

A much busier evening this week, with correspondingly more food. I just left there, and it's already a little fuzzy. But i got to talk to hollyk, and vanillaspice, and hogarthhughes, and many others. Much fun as always.

And now I'm home, and ready to go back to sleep. Hopefully not for all damn day, this time.

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