Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I fell back asleep after my last post, and woke up around 5:00pm, which gave me enough time (at my speed) to take a shower, get the speakers out of the car, load up with song slips, have a quick dinner at Panera, and get to the bar 20 minutes late.

Given the amount I had to drag in, I had really wanted to be there at 7:00pm sharp. I stopped kicking myself when Paula pulled up a little after I got there.

I was ready to go by, surprisingly enough, 8:20pm. This wasn't too bad because it was shortly after the first actual customer (Harmony) put in a song.

And things just kept going from there. The first rotation was 16 people long, the second and third were something like 29, and the fourth was back down to around 16. And that brought us to 1:50am, and shutdown.

So yeah, kind of a busy night. I'm not even sure I'm going to try to list anyone, because largely everyone was there for at least a little bit.

Except, amusingly, for princesskiti22. She knew she wasn't up to hostessing, but thought she might make it to hang out - and didn't. Which hopefully means she stayed in and took care of herself.

So I made a reasonably nice chunk of cash from the bar (we did as well as a normal Sunday and Monday combined), and a full %15 in tips. I'm thinking of having a neon sign made to hang over the tip jar...

After shutdown, which largely consisted of refiling the 20 or so envelopes that had been used during the night, trivialt, supersniffles, timenchanter and I took off to Denny's to satisfy Stan's need to a vanilla milkshake. This was our usual Sunday Denny's - the one down Mathilda a ways - which was sorta busyish. The service is normally incredibly slow. Last night it was amazing.

The guy is nice enough, rarely makes mistakes, and goes out of his way to get you what you want. He also never stops moving. But his time management skills suck.

Anyway, from there I took a sleepy Timmie back to his car, which he now felt too tired to drive, but which contained his cloak. And then to Cindi's, where I played some more with her computer, and he slept in the car.

Yeah, I put waaay too much grease on the heatsink, which was likely the problem. I wiped most of it off, but the behavior was the same, so I either fried the CPU, or the power supply actually did blow. I should be able to pick up a replacement supply today at Central Computers, at least according to their website.

I also discovered I could replace her motherboard and CPU - and upgrade her system in the process - for $49 from Tiger Direct. That'll be the next stage after trying the power supply.

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