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Bruce [userpic]
New Places

Most of the day yesterday was spent trying to sleep. With enough success to just barel keep me from becoming a complete zombie.

Then evening rolled around, and I packed most everything into the car. Then took most of it out, and repacked. Then did it again.

I have a couple of pieces I didn't have before, and quite a small car.

I eventually managed to shove it all in, but not until I took the television out of the trunk. Then it was up to San Mateo, while hoping I could convince any cop that stopped me that I could see enough in my side mirrors to make up for the comparative lack of rear window.

With a stop at Staples on the way. I figured they wouldn't have pens, and that ones that said "King of Clubs" on them might not be well received.

In the end, the only thing I forgot was a tip jar. But they were happy to supply us with a pitcher when princesskiti22 asked.

The Swingin' Door is a cute little place, with plank floors, paneling, and a low ceiling covered with a line of bar mirrors going the length of the room.

It's also a long, thin room that's a nightmare for sound setup. Having a halfway decent volume means having the speakers LOUD right next to the singers, which is a wonderful recipe for feedback. I did OK during the earlier part of the evening, but once we had a crowd, and the sound had to go up, I had to pan the mic away from the speaker nearest the singers, and even then had some persistent whistles.

Of course, there wasn't much I could do about the occasional drunk deciding to get right in front of the damn thing.

I ran Keri through part of the setup process, and did a little training in operations. I would have done more, but she was distracted for her own reasons. Quite good ones, but not mine to talk about.

The early part of the evening was pretty slow. In fact, it was mostly the people I got to come out - koc_hex, with vanillaspice (which was a nice surprise), Bekki and her fiancé, and Melanie, with her boyfriend and her friends Tish and Brian.

I keep on trying to get Melanie to come back out to the bar - but at least I got her to go to San Mateo. Go figure.

The big surprise of the night was when hogarthhughes dropped in for a couple of hours.

We had about 5 rotations between 9:10pm and midnight. Then something happened - I assume the show ending at the piano bar upstairs, but I don't know. We got packed. I was still trying to finish off the 6th rotation when the manager (Bruce) came over to tell me to cut it. That was about 1:45am.

In the end, my share of the take was precisely the low end of what I was told I might make. I was also told that the Friday show I missed out on had been almost completely dead.

Still, a pleasant experience - and I passed out a couple of business cards, including to the manager, who seemed pretty pleased with the show.

I of course discovered that I'm just not used to doing a full shutdown any more. Something about the four more cables, speakers, speaker stands, and having to pack everything in the car makes it a much better source of exercise.

The tripping and almost doing a faceplant while carrying the main rack was also exciting. I still don't know how I managed to keep it off the ground without wrenching something.

Then I drove down the 280 in the fog, which was actually kind of pleasant (though dodging the deer on the freeway was odd), had some warm food at the Mini, and came home and slept.

I'm debating whether to sleep some more, or get up for the day...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I would like to think that I helped with packing the house. That is all. Hahaha.

Honey, you need to work on that self-image.

You're just not that large. You never were.

No...I meant my presence made people want to come and sing. Duh.

And I knew that's what you meant. Duh!

ahahahaha. You crack me up.

Then my job here is done!

Wise-ass! Away!!!!!

by the way, thanks for your support and being a good friend.

You're more than welcome, dear.

Glad to hear you got (most of) the car back.

shit bruce... I forgot you had to pack everything up. I'm so used to KoC. If this comes up again, don't let me run off without lending some muscle.

Not that big of a deal - setting up and tearing down is the only exercise I get, and goodness knows I need it.

But thanks!