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Bruce [userpic]
You Know You're Brain Dead When

You flash your Costco card to get into Fry's.


Current Location: Nerdvana
Mood: embarrassedembarrassed

LMAO -- classic!

Oh man....That would definitely show some signs of brain dead-ness

Ummm... Nerdvana is in fucking Minnesota :P I can't believe that's, apparently, really the name of a place.

Well, it's a computer consulting company, so all it means is that they read Scott Adams...

That sounds like something I would definitely do. >: )

I LOVE THAT PIC! It makes me giggle every time I see it! *hugs*

That picture was taken by cekyr0, who's an insatiable shutterbug.

I've just gotten in the habit of doing something bizarre whenever he gets near me with a camera.

One night I was at a party at his place, and they'd redecorated, and put framed pictures of friends all over the living room.

He told me I was in there. I walked in there (alone), looked around, and a minute later they heard "Oh my god!" as I jumped back when I found it.

So of course it had to be made into an icon.

HUGS back! Hope you're feeling better!

Not as brain dead a trying to use your television remote to shut off your alarm clock. It woke me up early one morning and I kept waving the damn thing at the alarm clock clicking it until my sleep fogged brain realized what I was doing.

That's a good one, too - though at least you had the excellent excuse of just waking up.

I... didn't.

I remember wondering afterward whatever made me think my alarm clock had a remote to turn it off with. I've never had an alarm clock with a remote. Do they even make alarm clocks with remotes?

I've never heard of one, and it's kind of a counterproductive idea. It's not supposed to be convenient to turn them off.

I more hear about ones that either roll off into a corner, or fly around until you catch them.

But you know, TVs make noise, and the remote turns that off, and your brain isn't fully functioning. It's not that odd of a reaction.

I'm sure the only reason I haven't done it is because I've never had a remote next to my bed.

Huh, that's certainly interesting