Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Minor Bits

Last night's show stayed pretty much on course. It dropped from 6 people per rotation to 4 around 1:00am. I finished after 14 rotations.

Bar income was the low end of average. The scary part being that it was a dollar off from my off-the-cuff estimate. Maybe I've been doing this too long.

So, with Sunday also being low, I didn't exactly get rich this weekend. Woe is me.

We had a cute little boi named Chris come in to see timenchanter. To his considerable credit, he sang quite a few songs, though he obviously isn't used to singing.

After closing, Timmie drove him home. And then (shock!) didn't come back until late this morning.

So I went home, unloaded, grabbed the laptop, and went off to surf at the local Denny's. Getting a little tired of Denny's, but it's just so... convenient.

Anyway, while I was there, I updated the front page of the bar website with some of the latest Black&Blue and DJ info. So at least that got done.

And that's about it. Apart from my minor struggle with large entities, I've mostly just slept. And had a few text message conversations, mostly short.

I need to get up and get out of the house soon. Not only would dinner not be remiss, but I need to get some stationery supplies. After my recent experiences with OfficeDepot, I think I'll go for OfficeMax...

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