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Business As Usual

Looks like this weekend's take will be a bit on the low side. Sort of the way that whole "average" thing works.

Last night's show was a huge amount of fun, for at least most of us. I realize not all, but that's as much as I'll say about any ongoing drama.

'Cept it makes me a sad panda.

It wasn't particularly crowded, but we had enough people to keep it down to 8 rotations. We had quite a few marvelous people, including princesskiti22 of the Squee, trivialt, Jason, candiddani, supersniffles, koc_hex, markobellydance, vanillaspice, and more than our usual dosage of lucydogstringer.

The surprise of the evening was the arrival of synkitty. Well, not so much that, but that she brought Jasmine along.

moahb and hogarthhughes graced us for a bit. Apparently Noah is a tad tired of our expression of affection for him...

There was also an all-to-brief visit from the lovely hektikat. She was also here for a little while tonight. If this starts a trend, I'll be perfectly willing to deal...

Afterward, Timmie felt that Cindi needed to sober up a little. I wasn't certain, but hey, any excuse to go hang out with Cindi...

So we did the whole Denny's thing, then brought her back to her car, then went home and largely crashed.

And then my whole "sleep through most of the rest of the day" behavior. Though I did have time to pay most of my bills. It's good to not have the power cut off.

Timmie and I had a nice dinner at On The Border, then got to the bar on time for once.

It's been a fairly typical Monday. The rotation's been about 6 people long, and we're on the 8th right now. Perfectly fine, but it won't make up for yesterday being slow. As I said, them's the way it goes. I just have to make it through Paula being determinedly depressed about it.

kizmet100 spent several hours, and we've had a lot of rue_gingertabby and Jason. supersniffles got here a bit late, but she'll certainly be able to sing enough.

In other news, Keri and I will be filling in for DJ Purple at the Swingin' Door in San Mateo this Saturday evening. Should be interesting - I haven't done a straight, family restaurant setting in a long time. We'll have to tone it down a bit for the first few hours, anyway.

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