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A Truly Great Show

Last night's show was one of those that remind me why I like to do karaoke.

It's hard to describe, but when the energy's good, and people are having fun, I get a kind of high from the result.  I'm sure most DJs know what I mean.

It helped that, unlike Thursday, I wasn't wrestling with the sound all night (Thursday I had a problem that mostly turned out to be the result of the sub's amp being accidentally turned all the way up, adding a ton of distortion - something I only solved when dwo asked about the sub).

It also helped that it was a great group of people.  valeriesparks and mr_seed celebrated part of Valerie's birthday at the show, with one hell of a yummy cake (I find most birthday cake pretty awful).  Shawn and cmjfoxfyre hung out for a few hours, with Carla doing "Down By The Water" by P.J. Harvey, a song I haven't heard in far too long.  gidget121972 came with her new man, who sang a song (Not too surprising, he is in a band, after all).

Armelle was there for most of the night.  xtina_satanica and Honey stayed for a few hours - longer than usual.  Probably in part because there were hanging with Angela, who hadn't been at the show in ages.  Natalie brought her little band of warriors.

timenchanter was there for a few hours, then left at a sane time for work.  The same could be said for nikari and dancin_whitey.  In fact, one of the cooler things was that, while I had a huge rotation in the middle of the night (Rare for a Sunday), I finished the night by clearing every single slip off my board, while finishing at precisely 1:30.

So supersniffles got to do three songs, and Steve only did two because that's how many he put in.  I ended up asking Natalie for another song because she ran out, and I only had songs left from her friend Kat and Cindi.

Just a great time.

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