Bruce (kor27) wrote,


So I ended up staying at the bar until close last night. Got in a nice conversation with Eddie, which extended a smoke break of his to about 20 minutes, irritating timenchanter...

So um, yeah, Timmie, that one was my fault...

After shutdown, where I tried to be helpful by turning off lights and cleaning up some of the mess that Wayne always leaves, we had a quick visit with Shawn when he came to pick up Eddie, then Timmie and I went off to say "Hi!" to April at Denny's.

And have some food.

It was largely the usual level of amusement for a busy night at that Denny's. Some idiot yelling "I'm not a security guard, I'm a gangsta!", and then our neighbors...

He was keeping quiet, I think mostly because that's how he is. She is a dancer at the Brass Rail, cute, friendly, and celebrating her 49th birthday.

And very, very drunk. She kept trying to convince Timmie to come see her dance. I, at least, thought it was pretty funny.

Then home, and mostly sleep. I woke up this morning, checked LJ, finally updated the bar website, then went back to bed.

This afternoon's "productivity" has consisted of labeling the new slip boxes.

And now I need to motivate myself to actually get clean and dressed, get the car loaded, and head on down to the bar. I'll be fine once I get myself started.

Sometimes I think I should install some kind of electric shock device in this chair...

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