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Bruce [userpic]
Life as a Sequence of Dinners

After my last post I mostly, well, slept.

But I definitely was up in time for dinner with hektikat. We both delayed a bit, but we both got to Zeni a little after 8:30pm, got ourselves on the list, and had our usual excellent time.

I generally don't have much of a problem when fun, hot women are buying me dinner.

The only odd bit was that I was back to being tired again when we left - at something like 10:00pm.

So I went home, and after the usual two hours or so of fiddling around - and a quick hello to Katie when timenchanter brought her in - I went to sleep.

I was up around 8:00am, but never really got up. A few nice text message chats later, I fell back asleep - and woke up at 4:00pm.

So I was late to my parents again. They are, luckily for me, infinitely forgiving.

And I did manage to do a task for them.

A pleasant dinner and some conversation later, I was again ready for sleep.

I think I'm trying to avoid thinking about my taxes, which will be a disaster this year.

In fact, I was heading home, planning to sleep, and just forget Steve's birthday thing at Hunter's, when Timmie texted me to say he and Eddie were working at the bar.

So I freshened up and headed here.

It's not sleep, but it's a comfortable environment. And I don't see enough of Eddie.

In other notes, this was the first time driving up the mountain with the latest repairs and tires. Hugely better power and cornering. Just amazing.

My dad is selling articles to a local Indian magazine. They're about his experience visiting India during WWII.

I got to read the first one. Now I know where I got my love for the run-on sentence. There's something very odd about wanting to correct one's English professor father in grammar and style...

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

My dear girl, of the three words, the only one I can't be absolutely sure of is "woman." And you're perfectly welcome to prove that one anytime. ;-)

I'm just glad I didn't break the damn table. It's so hard to enjoy a good meal when you have splinters in your ass.