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Bruce [userpic]

Wednesday's car repairs took, of course, much longer than I expected. It was 4:30pm before I left the muffler shop. I still don't know everything that they did. The part with taking the cutting torch and hammer to the bottom of my vehicle was especially nervewracking.

But it only cost $65, and the car runs much much better now.

Then I ran over to Costco, and got my new tires installed. They weren't particularly busy, so the estimated hour only took an hour and 15 minutes.

Then to OfficeDepot for stuff for the slip boxes. I'm not sure if I'm going back there. My experience from the last few times through was that they likely have what I'm looking for. Just not in any place I'd think to look for it. This is especially bothersome when one is late for Dinner&.

But whatever. A quick trip to Trader Joe's for goodies, a not so quick trip through traffic to the Hamptons, and I was only an hour late.

A wonderful party, as always. Many cool people, much with the foodstuffs, and a fair amount of alcohol. I had intended to head home early. I did so around 3:30am, when I felt both sober and rested enough to do so.

There was much fun around the revealing of the couch conspiracy.

The new addition to the group was Johnny's new girlfriend Katie (sp?), who's much fun and quite nice.

It was demonstrated that at certain alcohol levels, chargerboy still thinks he can drive, even though he can't compose a coherent sentence. This is where "friends that take your keys" are a very good thing.

Anyway, I was up for a little bit when I got home, then crashed hard. I was conscious for a little bit around noon (like now!), then went back to sleep, and didn't wake up until 4:30pm. The problem being that I didn't wake up up until about 5:00pm, and I wanted to check Weird Stuff for a heatsink for supersniffles. And they close at 6:00pm. So I threw on some clothes, rushed over, decided I was a little iffy about what they had, then spent the 45 minutes it takes to get back from there during rush hour, mostly loaded the car, took a shower, finished loading (the main rack and timenchanter), and got us to the bar only half an hour late.

Still, I got the show started by 8:45pm. Not too bad.

Not a hugely attended night, but quite nice. I finished off the 6th rotation at about 2:10am. We had one new group - Sandra, Ava, and Jack - that may be back. They seemed to have a good time, but didn't really connect with the crowd.

cekyr0 brought a very tired princesskiti22 from straight off the plane. She trooped through the night, then stumbled off with jeffercine to the Hamptons.

Eddie and Shawn showed up after a long absence, with Eddie finally feeling healthy enough to be around people, and quite sad that he hadn't been in condition to make it to any of the dwo events. After closing, he sang To Where You Are to say goodbye.

I consumed a bit more alcohol that I should last night (I normally have two drinks. Last night was two drinks and two shots. And the drinks involved tequila), and typing the song numbers was a little tricky towards the middle of the evening. But at least I stopped well before closing. I need to watch that.

I carted a largely unconscious Timmie home, then headed off to Cindi's, where I checked some more on her computer (I've already made one mistake), and enjoyed some delicious French toast and bacon, as well as the company of both Cindi and segajenison.

Then home, and sleep. Which I'm about to enjoy more of.

And tonight is dinner with hektikat. Woo hoo!

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I'm sorry I missed Eddie. It's been too long.

We should be seeing more of him, now that he's feeling better.

Of course, there's that slightly complicated timing thing, since he generally arrives after closing at Seven, and you normally fade by midnight...

It's all timing.

I've got a 3-day weekend coming up here, so hopefully he'll come in on the 17th.