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Bruce [userpic]

Let it first be said that I did vote yesterday. That's something I take rather seriously. There aren't really many duties to being an American, but that's one of them, and if you don't participate, you're not so much a citizen as a parasite.

Not that I feel strongly about it, mind you.

I tend to say something like that at every election, and I normally get somebody at least slightly miffed. Let me explain something.

If you actually poll Americans, you'll find that their politics tend to be somewhat to the left of the behavior of their government. With this latest batch of crooks, it's remarkably far to the left. This is because of the simple fact that the government doesn't represent the people, it represents the voters. And for whatever reason, far more conservatives vote than liberals. Apparently liberals are much more likely to feel like "their vote doesn't count," and then do their best to make that true.

It's been even worse recently, because a decade or so ago, the Republican party discovered that, while there aren't an enormous number of nutcase evangelicals, if properly motivated, they will all vote - and so drown out their more apathetic neighbors. That gave us a decade of right-wing nutbag Congress, and Bush. It's only been swinging back because (1) it's been bad enough to motivate sane people to vote in greater quantities, and (2) the evangelicals have realized that the whole theocratic government they felt they were promised isn't likely to materialize.

So if you were of an age to vote, and didn't, in the last 12 years, that means a voice of (hopefully) sanity was not heard in the electoral process. What Bush and his crony congress have done to the economy is your fault. The Iraq war? Your fault. And I mean that in a very real, personal way. Both Bush elections hinged on tiny margins. Just a few thousand people, nationwide, could have swung either election.

All those dead soldiers? All those grieving mothers? Yep. Learn to live with it. And next time - and every time after that - learn the issues, and vote.

Back out of the rant - it was the morning of the election, so too late to mail in my ballot, but the office of the Registrar of Voters is right up the road, so I found that (it's at the big sign that says "Santa Clara County Maintenance Yard"), followed the two big BALLOT DROP-OFF THIS WAY signs to the teensy weensy widdle box sitting right next to them, and, well, dropped it off.

That was about 6:00am. I popped back home and slept.

I had many things planned for Tuesday. Much mit ze repairing uff ze muffler und ze buying uff ze stuff fur ze new slip-boxen.

I even got an email saying my tires were available to be installed.

So of course I didn't get out of bed until 6:30pm. One advantage of a net-connected phone is that you can keep up with your LJ comments, so I was somewhat active all day - I'd get a notification, roll over, respond as pithily as I could manage, then roll back into dreamland. A veritable workhorse of somnolescent productivity.

At least, if your job is responding to LJ comments.

Anyway, kshandra wanted to do dinner "sometime," and the best sometime for, well, some time was right then. So at 6:30pm I bounded (well, more like crawled) out of bed, cleaned up, and met her at the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory.

I'm proud of myself. Not only was I no more than 8 minutes late getting there, but I didn't finish my meal. This is woefully rare for me.

It was, of course, a very pleasant time. I brought the programme thingy from dwo's funeral so she could look at it, and we talked much of this and that. I think some of t'other thing, too.

We parted ways around 9:00pm. I wandered through Borders for a bit, not touching too much for fear of igniting the wrath of sjgrrrl. Besides, I still needed to pay off the mortgage for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. And they didn't have the book I was looking for...

Then home, where I tried to do at least a couple of productive things. My clothes have been washed, and the new clotheshook bar has been put up.

And, umm, umm, yeah, that's about it. Most of the night has been spent watching election tallies. It always feels kinda silly. I'm always cheering on the counts, even though, let's face it, the votes have already been cast.

Now I need to drag myself to bed, so's I can hopefully get up before sundown and do something about that muffler.

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Thank you Brucie! : )

What book are you looking for? I can see if we have it. Send me a text if you want.

It's a little more complicated - I wanted to check out Palm OS programming references.

Though I should, y'know, dig up my copy of the Palm OS Programming Bible and check through it first.

I don't absolutely know that any of the ones out there have what I'm looking for, so I'd need to browse through them first.

Then come up with the necessary $40-$50...

I'm not stating anything about these primaries, or the elections, but let me say this:

People will vote for Hillary, because the Clinton years were some of the best years in recent history, with really not much on the warfront. Right now we're in a stupid, endless war, and our economy has tanked.

Also, I imagine people are more likely to vote in the first woman president, than the first black president (no offense, Mr Obama...) especially from the conservative votes.

So whether or not Senator Clinton is the "best person for the job", really doesn't matter when people are going to vote Democrat, and for a well-known Democrat name with her husband being an ex-President.

But it makes me wonder when we'll break the Bush-Clinton hold.


Politics are too infuriating and confusing to talk about. Paul had made some comments, and we started to discuss it before I felt entirely too uncomfortable and asked that we end the discussion. This is all I'll say on the subject.

I think that's what she's been thinking up to this point. But while she was ahead last night, it wasn't by much. I don't know what the counts are now, but ofr most of the evening she was ahead by about 100 delegate votes. Being that there are over 4000 in the DNC, that's not much of a margin at all. Obama is doing exceptionally well. People might just be ready for a real change.

Right at the moment, it's 812 to 720, so she's got a 92 delegate lead.

And that's with only 1,574 out of 4,049 awarded so far. The race is far from over.

That's somewhat what I thought, but her and Obama are effectively neck-and-neck for delegates right now. She's got a 13% lead, with over half the delegates yet to be won.

As far as a return to the Clinton years, you have a point. As I just said to Lisa, I personally do yearn for a return to a time when competent criminals ran the White House.

I've heard comments about the Bush-Clinton dynasties for a few years now.

We'll see how that goes. I'm concerned about some of Hillary's positions as a senator, so I've thrown my support (such as it is) behind Obama.

Besides, I've had it pointed out to me that the one thing that could unify the conservatives in this nation is Hillary. They hate the Clintons with a passion that I've never quite understood.

In her favor...

There's been a lot of stuff about Bill and Hillary being a pair of crooks. They've never been caught, but while no-one's found the fire, there's been a fair amount of realistic smoke.

What those people don't seem to realize is that it's far better for us as a nation to have competent criminals in the White House. One can list Junior's crimes - in a completely fair world, he'd already be behind bars for international war crimes, just for one. But he's still bumbling along, with his elbow hovering over the button...