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Bruce [userpic]
The Kor Law

If someone tells you they really know what's going on, they're lying, delusional, or both.

Also note that if "getting you in the inner circle" involves giving them some money, they're probably not just delusional.

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I assert that for this purpose fealty is equivalent to money.


Aw. I hope this isn't what I think it is about. I'm sorry it's gotta happen again.

I rather doubt it. This has been knocking around my brain for a while, and I thought formulating it as a law might be kinda cool.

The two things that finally crystallized it were (Big Bad) John telling Stanley he'd "understand what death was about" when he was older, and the pastor at David's service blathering on about Jesus.

And all of that coupled with basic phenomenology. The simple fact is that none of us can ever know the true nature of reality.

But that doesn't stop people from killing each other over whatever lies they've told themselves.


Although it happens very very very rarely, I can be wrong on occasion (just do NOT tell Eric I admitted that). Glad to see this is one of those times.

As for the true nature of reality...that's easy. "Our preception is our reality". That has always been the best explination that I can hold to.

BTW...what does age have to do with understanding death??? That's more rhetorical than anything, but still....

Re: Whew

Some of us tend to believe that are perceptions are just a murky representation of a true reality.

But then, the perceptions are all one has to work with, so one makes do.

As far as age is concerned...

There is an argument that greater experience has some value in dealing with understanding life. The problem is that there is only a slight correlation between age and experience.

Almost every time I've found someone pulling the "I know more because I'm older" card, it's been because they really don't have any more valid reasons for their position.