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Busy and Sloshed

Last night was a very good one for the bar.  I had a very full rotation (Not that I haven't had larger in the past - but not so much recently), and people were dancing for a good part of the night.

It still followed the pattern that's developed recently - people started evaporating around midnight, and I actually closed a little early (1:20, in this case).  I managed to get dwo in for a fourth song, supersniffles showed up late, as usual (After work), and still managed to get a song in.  The situation works for me, since everyone gets a chance, I don't have to tell people that have been waiting for an hour and a half that they're out of luck, and as far as I'm concerned, if you're going to be responsible and go home to bed, that's your problem.

The only negative aspect is that unbreak_able left early(ish) after only singing one song.  Ah well.

Apple and Valerie showed up, Valerie in a mini-skirt that is probably presently illegal in most red states.  Definitely good times.

timenchanter drove me to and from the bar last night, which turned out to be a good thing.  It's normally a good thing.  However, in this case, it was pretty much necessary.  I got my usual two drinks in my usual two pint glasses.  However, (1) I gave Tim free rein in what was produced, and (2) bluize was bartending.  The first drink was fairly normal, but the second one...  It was mostly clear, and I suspect that the clear portion was mostly vodka.  Didn't even finish the thing.

By the end of the night, I was, well... I ran the show OK through to the end, and I packed up OK (With Tim's help), but there was no way I would have been able to drive home.  So Timmy poured me in his car, and I sloshed off onto my driveway.

I meant to update last night, but words wouldn't stay in order in my head.

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