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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
In Memory

Kaye brought this in. It's from the Pride contest last year.

A little on the spooky side...

I'm going to miss you, David.

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wow. that is so great that you guys have that recorded and are sharing it with everyone. thank you

I don't want to sound gloulish but how did David pass on?

He died of a heart attack.

According to his sister, he'd been having symptoms for several days, and she'd been trying to get him to go to a doctor.

And, well, he didn't.

wow. :O he was like young. What a shame. Cool guy though

I trust you'll understand if I don't listen to it while I'm still at the airport. Even if I am here with someone who would hug me if I needed it.

Love you. See you soon.

Thanks Bruce for putting this on you know
how I am a dummy computer person and just
can't make the time with my foggy mind to
do this myself.
I am glad I recorded it back when and had
it since David is now peacefully resting.

I hope those who know how to get a hold of
Cruz will check in with him to see how he
is holding up for that is the friend I am
thinking about. David after all was his

enjoy the song everyone