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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
In Memory

Kaye brought this in. It's from the Pride contest last year.

A little on the spooky side...

I'm going to miss you, David.

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wow. that is so great that you guys have that recorded and are sharing it with everyone. thank you

I don't want to sound gloulish but how did David pass on?

He died of a heart attack.

According to his sister, he'd been having symptoms for several days, and she'd been trying to get him to go to a doctor.

And, well, he didn't.

wow. :O he was like young. What a shame. Cool guy though

I trust you'll understand if I don't listen to it while I'm still at the airport. Even if I am here with someone who would hug me if I needed it.

Love you. See you soon.

koc_hex and I just stood in front of my laptop and listened to that, unmoving and silent. That's amazing, thank you for sharing.

Rest in Peace, David.

Thanks Bruce for putting this on you know
how I am a dummy computer person and just
can't make the time with my foggy mind to
do this myself.
I am glad I recorded it back when and had
it since David is now peacefully resting.

I hope those who know how to get a hold of
Cruz will check in with him to see how he
is holding up for that is the friend I am
thinking about. David after all was his

enjoy the song everyone