Bruce (kor27) wrote,


From Panera, I made my way down to the Container Store, where I spent what must have been two hours scouring the place. Reasonably successfully. I now have 4 stackable plastic drawers, which should be able to hold quite a bit more in terms of envelopes than I already have in comfort. And if they don't, I can always add more.

I also got a clotheshook bar for my room, and a collapsible cup with included pill box - the last solely because it was cheap and cute. It's now in my briefcase, with a supply of ibuprofen. I was also hoping to find something non-stick to put on the bottom of the drawers, but didn't get anywhere there (or online, later). I dropped by the super-Safeway on Montague looking for something like that, and also to see if they had alphabetized index separators (since the ones I'm using are pretty dead). I didn't particularly expect to find anything, but it was about the only place still open by that time...

In any case, I got some more cinnamon pecans, since timenchanter loves them so.

Then I came home, tried to organize what I had (including going through some back mail. I believe I'm starting to hate the California BOE. They're still dunning me for a particular quarter, independent of the money order I sent them at the end of December), and prepared to settle in for the night. Which meant that at 11:00pm, Paula called in a panic about the sound system humming. So I went to see what was happening at the bar.

When I got there, there was indeed a hum, but it was only noticeable between songs. I'm not sure what the panic was all about. Going through a number of debug steps with Wayne, we eventually determined it was a ground loop coming from his Mac. I had him plug it into another outlet with no luck.

What did work, in the end, was him raising the Mac volume level to maximum. I believe this was the original problem - it apparently automatically resets to half-volume every time he boots, and I think he forgot to raise it when he got there.

In other words, he's probably always had a hum. It's just that with a higher output volume, his signal to noise is hugely better.

Whatever, it was better when I left, and Paula was so grateful, she actually gave me some money.

Then home, where I had a noodle cup, and some conversation with Timmie. Sleep appears to be the next thing on the agenda.

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