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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Shutdown at the bar went fairly smoothly - though it turns out it was the last night of Blur. Too bad, really, but I can't say I'm surprised.

It also looks like the next GameBoy is scheduled for the same day as the Black&Blue Ball. Hopefully Paula will actually clear that one up.

Had a nice little convo with Ron, which rarely happens - but then, I rarely see him. Then timenchanter and I headed out in search of food. We settled on Bay 101, with much the same experience as before: Good food, insanely slow service. I mean, wow.

Then home, where I settled into not really sleeping until 8:00am. I can generally catch the landlord then. So, a bit of napping in my chair, but that warm, enticing bed was completely off-limits.

The hardships I endure. In any case, I got the rent paid, then went to bed.

I woke up at 2:30pm, for no discernable reason. All good, though. It meant I could make it to the cleaners on time, and also call my parents to cancel. Just not up to it, today.

Of course they were in a panic, because they'd just had their new fancy generator installed, with the immediate result that there was now no power at all getting to the house. And, of course, the installer that had just driven away wasn't answering his phone.

So I told them I'd call back after picking up my clothes. Which I did, with the gratifying response that a guy had arrived, and was puttering around with the circuitry. I just did not feel like playing amateur electrician with their combined grid/solar/generator/battery bank setup.

Instead, I headed out in the Panera direction for food, stopping for a bit at both Office Depot and Cost Plus. Not that I had a great need to, but I'm kinda antsy. One of those wonderful states where I must do something, but I have no idea what - and anything that involves concentration is right out. I did at least find some replacement slip envelope tubs at Office Depot, but they're not quite what I'm looking for. At this point, I'd really prefer something of the file cabinet variety. The number of slips has ballooned to the point that I feel I need another dimension to the storage capacity, so to speak.

Most of this restlessness has its roots, I think, in that economic sword of Damocles that's been hanging over my head for something like 6 years now. I can't maintain this lifestyle. I need at least triple the money that I'm presently making. But I can't get myself motivated to do much about it. I have my little blue sky ideas, but I don't follow through - and besides, my party schedule is dense enough that I don't have time for more job than I already have.

It's just so unfair, ya know?

Current Location: Panera
Mood: restlessrestless

Sweet. I take it that Steve didn't mind its being one day late?

Sorry you're restless. Once again I find myself wishing what to suggest. There's just not a whole lot that I can do to motivate you...especially when I've still got to get my stuff sorted out.

What are you doing tonight? Kristen is having her party. I need to get myself put back together and head that way. Want me to wait for you?

Steve was apologetic because he wasn't home yesterday.

He's also going to be gone for a few weeks, and gave me a contact sheet in case something goes wrong - it's in the same drawer with the receipts.

Unfortunately, when you come down to it, motivation, like any change, has to come from within. In many ways I'm actually doing better than I was a year ago, so there's hope.

And while a party would be nice, I think I'll pass. After posting that, I also realized that I'm tired. I'm probably going to go down and putter around Valley Fair and the Container Store for a bit, then come home and try for some more sleep.

*looks around the house*

Where is my roommate? Is he okay?

Re: *looks around the house*

He's driving home after playing with a 60Hz hum problem at the bar.

They were desperate. I mean, she even paid me.

I know too well, which is why it's about 6 years since I've held a "normal" job.

It's wonderful, except people keep on insisting on wanting this "money" stuff. It's depressing, so I'm doing what always cheers me up.

I'm out shopping.

le sigh. :-)