Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Sleep to Dream

It's been a fairly dream-laden day. I of course only have snippets.

This morning a (supposedly evil) white reptilian creature was apparently being defeated in a battle. The battle itself was actually somewhat distant - the important thing was that in its last moments, it called for its minions to come help it.

There were several names roared. The only one I remember was "The Rapist." Apparently I pun even while asleep.

The assumption was that it was planning to suck the life and energy out of what were, in fact, its creations, in order to replenish its own.

For some reason the minions in question were busy running the other way. Most of them by finding water to hide in. There was a really cool framed shot at the beginning of the sequence, with the camera on the level of what must have been a small concrete boat pier or something, looking down a long rain-slicked sidewalk at night, with a high, ivy-covered wall on the right.

Little undefinable white glowy things would appear in the distance. There'd be an increasing scrabbling sound, a sudden silence as they went off camera, then a "ploosh."

In another location, some of the larger ones were climbing down into a pool. One looked over to where the fight was going, and said "Sorry, Boss - you were flawed." Just then there was a huge white flash...

The one this afternoon was much more complicated and varied, and I'm not sure I even remember enough to write about. The main character was a Trickster type, of generally the good variety. A great deal of his power had been taken away, and he was being hunted.

The style of the environment is hard to describe. Mostly realistic, but just slightly off. Like real places painstakingly molded from plasticine.

There was a seaside colonnade (actually, more Romanesque archways), painted pink, with an interior cool and inviting compared to the harsh sun outside.

There was an interior shot - red wall, white rococo accents - where our protagonist was getting an ally - or at least getting away - by demonstrating huge powers of fire, nearly incinerating someone. He needed to get away soon, though, or the lymph from the burns soaking through the arm-length glove on his right hand would show too much.

And he needed to shake someone's hand...

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