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SUV Assholes

This afternoon, I was leaving the McDonald's parking lot at Capitol&85 (I spend way too much time there), when I was cut off by some guy in a Yukon XL.

This wasn't itself so bad. It was sort of an iffy situation. And it just meant that I was behind the guy waiting at the light, instead of being the first at the light. But it made me consider the sort of person who would drive that sort of monstrosity. It's built high, as if for off-road, but the finish precludes that - so the height's just a rollover hazard. It's large enough to haul furniture or building materials, but the roof's too low - and the height makes it hard to load.

Basically, it's an extremely ugly piece of conspicuous consumption that says "I don't give a fuck, I can afford to waste tons of gas".

As I was thinking this, the driver opened his window and tossed an empty drink cup out.

I should mention that for some reason, casual, unnecessary littering makes my blood boil. And I was already a little pissed at this guy.

I was at a point that I had to do something. It looked like the light wouldn't change for a while, so I stopped the car, got out, picked up the cup as ostentatiously as possible, and yelled "asshole" at his window as I walked back to my car.

I'm sure he just thought I was some nut, and it wasn't as satisfying as, say, keying his monstrosity, but one does what one can.

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