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Bruce [userpic]

I didn't hear back from the shop for quite some time. I finally did the thing that would guarantee a call: I went back to bed.

And then trudged back up to look at what he'd found. The catalytic converter hangs down a little lower than the engine, and every time I've bottomed out the car, I've been hitting its lower flange.

Eventually, this has caused a weld further downstream to completely crack.

He could replace it for $1,100, but suggested I find a muffler shop to weld it. I'll hopefully get on that tomorrow.

He also pointed out a bubble in one of the rear tires. The front set are getting baldish, so I just ordered a complete set from Costco.

Then I finally got some sleep.

I woke up just after 5:00pm, in time to clean up, gather timenchanter and his mashed potatoes, and head to the Hamptons.

An excellent evening with excellent people and fine food. k_magic's curry was especially wonderful.

This was the first time for candiddani, koc_hex, and Harmony/Steve. They all assimilated well, as one would expect.

Personally, I got drunk and curled up on kshandra. She didn't seem to mind too much.

Actually, that was the start of the evening. I actually sobered up a little and talked to people after that.

It was quite a large party, with many people that I'm simply not going to list.

Though it was great to see raininroses, amor_ereptor, and wissavix after all this time. Great people all, and Krista's ass looked very nice in her new tracksuit.

Or is that creepy?

The remnants right now are myself, cekyr0 and Timmie. They have some goal they must reach in Wii Bowling.

I suspect I may be here for a while yet. At least it finally occurred to me that the headache might be more hangover than sinus pressure. Liberal application of water seems to have cleared it right up.

Current Location: Hamptons
Mood: tiredtired

$1,100 for an exhaust weld!?

Fuck... you can get an entirely new exhaust, with a fart cannon and everything, for less than that and including a new cat.

Not quite - he has no welding equipment, so he called around to see about replacing the cat.

His claim was that the only people who seemed to have one were the dealers, and they wanted $1,100 for the unit. That didn't even include his labor.

So he told me to take it and find a muffler shop, and figured they'd charge me about $150 for a weld.

*chuckle* yeah I was about to say. Beside the point that you CAN buy a catalytic converter through a different place, than the dealer.

Glad you've got it sorted.

She didn't seem to mind too much.

Not especially, no. ;-)

Good to see you too :) Hope you feel better soon


I already do, to be honest. I appear to be on the tail end of this one.

Of course, it's the third disease in a row this year, so who knows what I'll feel like Saturday...

Hey fucker! I was there on New Year's Eve, too! I already knew my way around!

yay for fun nights :) Glad I saw you there this time, Bruce!


Well, I didn't know that, 'cause I had to go and do a show that night.

So pbbbbbbbbt!