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Bruce [userpic]
Moving Behavior

I didn't do too good a job of sleeping yesterday. Somebody's coughing kept me awake. Mine. But at least, when I finally did sleep, I woke up right at 2:00pm, and so was ready at 4:00pm to go pick up timenchanter at school, then head over the hill to princesskiti22's house.

I thought it was odd he hadn't called to wake me up, but these things happen. I texted him to see if he had his phone, or whatever - I mean, I couldn't pick him up if I didn't know where.

As I was leaving, it occurred to me to knock on his door.

So, anyway, after the zombie Timmie shuffled on some clothes and into my car, we started out - except Keri had suggested we carpool with koc_hex. And Timmie couldn't get in contact with him. But he thought Hex worked down here, and suggested food.

I don't turn down food. So we had soup and sandwiches at Panera, and waited until 5:00pm to hear from Hex. Around 5:15pm, he called to say he was driving south through Hayward.

I said something on the order of "fuck it," and we got on the 880 in mid rush hour.

Surprisingly, it only took an hour and a half to get over there. Of course, when we arrived, Keri was off dealing with her new landlady, and Amber and Zena were languishing on her bed. But we were there, so we started moving stuff into the van.

Eventually Hex arrived. I was worried whether he'd be able to find it or not, but it turns out he knew the house from quite some years past.

And most everything got moved.

There was some confusion about who was going to drive what, and I sort of dumped the van job on Timmie. I'm still feeling bad about that, since he wasn't all that conscious. But it had come down to him or me, and (1) he can't drive my car (just not good with a stick), and (2) I have trouble figuring out where the edges of my vehicle are. I'd kill someone with a van.

But we all made it. Even most of Keri's stuff made it.

Heading back, I absentmindedly didn't slow down for one of those speed hill things, and shook up the car pretty badly. Which then started to sound fairly awful. I think I may have dislodged the muffler. Dunno - it's in the shop right now. I seriously needed an oil change, anyway.

Not much else in terms of exciting adventures. We grabbed some groceries at Safeway, and had a very pleasant dinner of their soup and oyster crackers.

The one thing that for some reason still disturbs me a little was Zena and Keri agreeing that I was "Creepy, but in a good way." It's just, well...

I do understand that "creepy" is generally the word most women use for men interested in them that they aren't interested in. Most of them don't realize that's what they're saying, but that's pretty much it. A guy they think is attractive can behave in precisely the same way, and not get anything remotely like that label.

I just don't handle the other connotations that come with the word all that well. You know, like the whole skin crawling thing.

I don't mind being called a lech. I am. I like sex. I like looking at cute naked female bodies. I like talking about sex. I like joking about sex. And I don't mind being open about the fact - especially if I'm hanging around people like, oh, Keri and Zena, who seem to obsess about it a lot more than I do.

I realize that I'm just kind of bitter. And it's not like I'm not part of the problem. I'm not attracted to the women who find me attractive, and vice versa. I've been trying to shy away from the whole "crazier than you" bit, but I've at least been able to find a couple in that group that reciprocate.

I know I don't wear stylish clothes. I don't wear expensive shoes (I wear expensive sandals). I'm no longer what you'd call a great wage earner. And while I'm reasonably strong, and fairly healthy, I'm also 60 pounds overweight, and will never be "buff."

But I'm fairly good looking, smell good (I hope - at least I've gotten compliments...), hug well, and am smart, funny, dependable, caring, generous, honest, and emotionally available.

I'm also a fairly good kisser, and not too shabby in bed, but it's not like I get much opportunity to demonstrate those, lately.

In sum, I have the dubious honor of being what women say they want in a guy.

But I'm creepy.

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I like sex. I like looking at cute naked female bodies. I like talking about sex.

Aha, you're human.
Stay away from anyone who does not allow this, for they are in denial about what it is to be human.

Honestly, if I HAD to drive one, the van was the much better choice. And it is SO not my fault that her dresser disintegrated. In fact, it's not anyone's fault really...IKEA furniture doesn't survive moves very well.

I kinda hoped they'd get the hint and stop with the "creepy" comments, but they didn't. Dunno what to do about the rest of it, but at least you know the good qualities you've got. *HUG* and... *sigh*

If I'd been thinking better, we wouldn't have transported the drawers in it, and it probably would have been fine.

But such is life, eh?

Yes well, given the way things were packed, that could have been disastrous itself. We did the best we could and if that's the worst of what happened, it was a good move.

Completely agreed.

Besides, I've offered to repair the damn thing, and she's already turned me down...

Creepy, hmmm.
I wonder if this is what JK Rowling was thinking when in the second Harry Potter book she gave Arthur Weasley the line

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain.
That's a metaphor sufficiently deep that I'm still pondering what she was trying to say about people.



Bah, words.


I do get hung up on them so.

Re: Hi!

They're tricksy.

And I think you and I have already said everything necessary to each other on the subject, anyway. *hug*

Re: Hi!

Yes, they are. At least, thems of us that use them are.

We've probably said everything that needs to be said. Not that that's ever stopped me talking before, mind you...


Re: Hi!

We've probably said everything that needs to be said.

About everything? Ever?

And yeah, it doesn't usually stop me, either....

I've been saying this a lot lately, I know - but my friends rock.

Edited at 2008-01-30 08:35 pm (UTC)

Re: Hi!

Yeah, we do. But with some of us, it's just because we're unsteady on our feet...

I've been watching wayyyy too much Law & Order, so therefore, I'm gonna present my closing arguements in lawyer style.

Mr. Bruce. Do you not work in a gay bar? Do you not live with a gay boy? Do you not have lots and lots of gay friends?

Now. Have you ever seen "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", "What not to wear", "10 years younger", or any other makeover show? Said makeover shows usually are full of gays who perform said makeover's, correct?

So, it would be fair to say that gay boys love to make over those who need it. Maybe even that gay boys LIVE to make over those who need it most.

But, after being surrounded by all these gay boys, you have not been forced into a makeover. You have been left alone, just as you are.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you this. Bruce has fairies dancing all around him, yet they leave him alone. That, in itself, is solid, undispituable proof that Bruce is not creepy, or in need of anything but to just be himself. If the gays (aka "those who are authorities in people that need to be changed") are in approval of Bruce; then we must all agree that Bruce is pretty damn near perfect the way he is.

I rest my case.

Edited at 2008-01-30 08:09 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Paul!

Of course, it could just be that the gay boys figure I'm a lost cause... :-p

No, that's gridlore. ;-)

I don't think he's so much "lost" as "hacked his way into the middle of the jungle, and refuses to come out."

Oh Brucie, Brucie, Brucie.

See, that would imply that the gays have given up on you because you are a lost cause. But, gay boys never give up because we are drama queens. Lost causes draw us like moths to a flame. Or should that be flames to a moth. Whatever.

Either way, you are not a lost cause. You are perfect the way you are. :)

"What not to Wear" is not a gay show!

La! la! La! LA! la! la! La! fingers in ears.

Edited at 2008-01-30 11:44 pm (UTC)

pulls your fingers out of your ears...

Have you not seen Clinton Kelley in all his botox beauty? They had to remove the roof from the 360 booth cause his flames burn so bright.

You're not creepy, dammit. You be damn cool in my book. :)

And you be cool in my book too, girl! ;-)

Yay for the cool peeps!

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings....... you know we meant it in a loving way, but when we get hung up on something we have trouble letting go.... sorry....

One points you to a dictionary and points to the definition of sarcasm.

Now you're going to make me feel all bad'n'shit for posting that.

In any case, the thing that triggered me there wasn't so much that you guys were going on, but that I think it's symptomatic of something much larger.

Though I do wonder what Zena would have taken as a "non-creepy" response to "You poked me in the vagina."

Ah well. I could go on and on, but I'm just not up to it right now, and I have my doubts what good it would do. Well, apart from allowing me to vent.

Love you much, and looking forward to seeing you later! :-)

I find some WOMEN, to be creepy.

Quite a few men do.

Fortunate you are that you're gay...

hokay... so... here's the earth... chilling...

When someone says, "Penny for your thoughts?" and you put your 2 cents in... what happens to the other penny?

Seriously... you obviously like the person you are... *I* like the person you are... I know a whole other shitload of people who like the person you are. The problem is that girls, as a population, have gotten entirely too accustomed to throwing the word "creepy" around. It's practically a fucking reflex and very often happens when another word would have suited their purposes far better. It's like the way people refer to all glass cleaner as "Windex". IT'S ONLY WINDEX IF IT SAYS WINDEX ON THE DAMNED BOTTLE. I don't think we need more examples :P

Gods know I've had more than enough of my own challenges to overcome in the social and dating arenas. You guys met me near the end of my evolution to the person I am now. It all came down to this... I'm a much stronger, confident person than I used to be and that's just for me... it helps me survive... there are still things that cause me trouble with women, but they're things that won't change without destroying an essential part of myself. These things are part of who I'm supposed to be. They will help endear me to someone very special... or she'll see past those things to the rest of who I am and love me for that... or, when I get to the end of my story, I'll know I never compromised who I am and who I want to be.

Be the best you that you can be... struggle to be the you that you want to be... take what you can get and to hell with the rest.

Re: hokay... so... here's the earth... chilling...

I know - I'm still quite a work in progress, and will hopefully be until I die, but I'm on the whole pretty happy with myself.

Just occasionally lonely.

And just a teensy bit bitter from time to time. But at least I don't "settle" like I used to.

As far as the "creepy" bit goes, well, a lot of it is that most people just can't put themselves in someone else's place. Cute girls that get hit on all the time don't just not care but have no concept of what it's like on the other side of the table.

In this particular case, Zena made an off-color remark, and I returned one of about the same level. I can guarantee you that if she'd been interested, it would have been "endearing" or "funny."

Since she wasn't, it became "creepy." And, when you come down to it, I should be grateful, because having anything romantic to do with Zena would be a bad, bad thing. Though it hurts rather more when Keri also runs with it.

The main bitterness on my part comes down to the fact that, all denial aside, a majority of women really do go for assholes. In fact, mostly guys that I'd label as "creepy," to be honest. There's a lot of smoke blown about it being attracted to 'confidence," but the type of confidence they seem to fall for is in almost all cases either an empty façade generated for the pure purpose of attracting someone, or the emanations of someone too stupid to realize their own limitations.

I'd get laid a lot more often (read: "more than not at all") if I acted like that. All I'd need to do is change my hairstyle, dress more preppy, get some expensive shoes (shoes are key), and then act like the world revolved around me. I'd be beating them off. At least, up until the point that I shot myself in the head.

And I reserve the right to be a little bitter about that from time to time.