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Bruce [userpic]
Praise Chaos!

I'd forgotten to mention:

When doing suicide, I normally build up a set of possible songs for each singer - preferably with at least 4 available selections at any time.

I didn't always manage that last night. In fact, on three separate occasions, I ran out.

Each time I looked down at the open songbook in front of me, focussed at random on an artist, and picked a song. Each time it worked.

One other time I mistyped a selected song number, and ended up with a much better song.

I sometimes think that one could work out a remarkably accurate karaoke Tarot...

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Most welcome, dear!

You're actually very easy to pick for. In fact, even my mistakes seem to work rather well. Sold wasn't what I was actually planning to give you, but hey - don't mess with success...

And Alex's "No"s and "HELL No"s are always fun. It was a little tricky doing him last night, but mostly because David's range was apparently right on the edge of what he can do right now. And David liked Celine...

It's a whole lot less tricky for Jefferson - he doesn't need to deal with the complications of being straight...

You did a fine job, dear. Actually, a quite impressive one. It was supposed to be What Part Of No (MMC-02-10), but I typed MMC-02-20, instead.

I think Sold was a much better choice. For one thing, I gave you quite enough bitter women's country songs last night (is that phrase redundant?).

Heh - both Heather and Mikey like to pull the "I'm not that gay" line. They so are.

But whatever. :-)

I was a little sad that you didn't know that one. Miss Chatelaine is actually a completely non-bitter love song. Of course, that may be why it's one of her least country-sounding songs...

And when I have the time, I try to find the subtle ones. They work better. I was scanning through for someone else when I found that, and kept a note of it for when you came in.

And it's fine. Go to your "Effie's" Thursday. Have fun. I'll just sit there in my booth in the dark... ;-)

Well, I do try to keep my guilting skills sharpened. And you are definitely loved, dear.

Too bad about Tyrone, but that happens. Definitely see what you think of kd - if you get a chance, grab Constant Craving. It's pretty much her most popular song.

I mean, I've even gotten Heather to sing it...

This is mostly an indication that you have achieved expertise technically and socially to the extent that you can do this while multitasking.

I've at least built up enough "reflex" connections that decisions about what will work and what won't aren't completely conscious, and feel like they come from "elsewhere."

What was odd wasn't that I was able to focus on a song. The odd thing was that in each case the book was open in a search for someone else - and it's not all that normal to have an appropriate band on a random page.