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Bruce [userpic]

I eventually got to sleep yesterday, I don't know when. I do know I woke up around 5:00pm, having moved on to the drippy/coughy part of this disease.

Beats the hurly part, hands down.

I got ready in time for timenchanter and I to have a quick dinner at Panera before the bar.

The best description I heard for the night was Timmie's "The official unofficial David party." We had a large number of people, for a Monday or not. And a very large fraction of those have this latest disease, and would have stayed at home and rested, if not for a need to say goodbye. I've simply never heard so much coughing from the bar at large.

It was a busy, and quite profitable night for the bar. And I would quite happily give it all back, and quite some more besides, just to have another chance at making him snort his Guinness.

The dwo memorial booth has grown to a couple of tables. I'm not sure I've ever, even at funerals, seen so many pictures of one person in one place. Paula likes Timmie's idea of putting what we've got into a frame, and hanging it. I'm just not sure if we can find a frame big enough for a decent fraction of what's there...

She also wants to leave the memorial there, in the booth, at least through Thursday.

I don't know what to say. I survived. I made it more or less intact through all of my songs, even with my usual limited range cut down yet more. Several people suicided themselves out of David's envelope. I spontaneously did the same to a couple of others, and probably should have told them that was what I was doing.

I gave - and got - a lot of long hugs. remixedlatino accused me of trying to hug like David. Apparently I haven't hugged him much before, or he'd know that no, it's just something that David and I have always shared.

There was food, and a blaze of candles, and over it all, a lot of coughing. I mean really, a lot of coughing.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to pick songs for a roomful of people that have all lost their voices?

After the 7th, and last rotation, Timmie and I finished up our relative jobs, I loaded the car, somewhat melted the layer of ice on it, and then we had a leisurely supper at the Mini.

We got home at something like 4:00am. I've been trying to warm up my room ever since. It was 55° when I got here, and after over two hours, has made it all the way up to a balmy 66°. I also think I might - just might - be able to sleep if I tried, now. So I think I'm gonna try. Today's the princesskiti22 moving day. The earlier I am conscious, the better.

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I'm pleased to know I wasn't the only one who had that idea. Part of me wishes I had taken the time once I got there to actually go through and pre-select the things I thought I could sing - though I wouldn't have gotten Mahogany if I had. But I hated having to turn things down under those circumstances.

I've had his voice singing My Immortal in my head since I left.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)


Would you and Timmeh be willing to consider taking some of David's favorite song slips out of his envelope and add those to the framed notes. That way, we would still have his favorite songs and his handwriting as well.

Just a thought.

Already thought of it, dear. We at least need to insert Into The West in there somewhere.

It's my contribution to the memorial.

cool. thank you.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

As I just said to Maggie, thanks much, and I'll let Timmie know, since it's more his project. :-)

I like that Paula wats to keep the memorial up for a few days. I also agree that more than a few picture frames will be necessary. I'd like to offer help as I've put together more than a few picture and notes collages in my time. True they were usually under better circumstances but still... I feel pretty lousy today but it was worth it. If I had to do over I would still have been there last night. I think David would have liked the way we chose to remember him. I also think he would have been touched by the turn out.

I'll keep you in mind, dear - or at least pass this on to Timmie. It's kind of his project.

The tricky part is that we want something we can leave up permanently, which means we want the dwo memorial booth, not the David memorial wall. We especially want something with a clear cover, so it lasts a decent length of time.

I think David would have been thrilled and surprised. I don't think he realized how many people cared for him.