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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]

There has simply been too much, lately. The (very very) positive thing is that following a chat with Debbie on Saturday morning, I'll be spending a week with her in early March. I'll be bringing timenchanter and princesskiti22 fully up to speed on setting up and operating the equipment, so the three nights I'm not working should proceed in a reasonably awesome fashion.

Saturday evening I spent with my parents, as per usual. A pleasant time, except I seemed to be getting tired very early - so I came home around 9:30pm, to find a stuffed-up and slightly cranky Timmie heading off to the bar as an emergency fill-in.

Shortly after he left, it became more and more apparent that I was actually sick, too. So much so that I fell into bed before midnight, and apart from short excursions, either to the kitchen to try to find something that would stay down, or to the bathroom after a failure, I stayed in bed until 6:00pm Sunday evening.

A sane person would have stayed longer, but the show must go on and all that rot. So I showered, was gratified that I could button my pants without throwing up, packed the equipment and Timmie in the car, and headed off to the bar, only a little late.

We were pulling into the parking lot when we got the phone call about dwo. It certainly made my discomfort seem rather, well, trivial.

I don't know what to say about David, really. I definitely haven't processed it. I know I'm going to see him over there in his corner, or at least the shadow where he should be. I sang I Will Remember You while thinking of him, and was very glad the bar was singing along - it covered up the spots where I started to break down.

The evening kinda spontaneously turned into a wake. People who weren't really in condition to be out themselves (like cekyr0 and jeffercine) came, sang, and gathered together for comfort. I gave more and longer hugs than usual, and successfully avoided heaving on any of those I was hugging.

Not that he was the only reason people were there - ajayav, for example, came out for a few hours, and I assume will then be heading back out into the wild.

I'd already talked with princesskiti22 about having her hostess - but not Paula. So I paid her a fraction of my income from the night. Well worth it, especially since on top of everything else, my voice started going about halfway through the night. And, well, also because it meant there was a Keri present.

So it was a busy night for a Sunday. I went through 5 and a half rounds from about 8:30pm to 2:00am sharp. Bar income was good, but not spectacular.

blankreloaded had come out, for the obvious reason, and Timmie and I took him back home, with a long stop at Denny's on the way (which I was surprisingly able to keep down - go figure). He actually showed us his apartment, which was a bit of a shock. I didn't think he'd ever do that.

Then home, and here I am. All I can say right now is that I'm tired of rain, and I'm very tired of death. There has been altogether too much of it around lately. And now I get to worry about the fact that I was sick around my dad yesterday.

Time to climb back in bed...

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I'll see you tonight, honey. *love*

I'll look forward to it! *Love* right back!

Don't know how long we'll stay (I'm picking Matt & Cindi up at the airport around 8), but we'll be there.

I'll wanna work from David's envelope, too. *watery smile*

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I try. I really wish I could have gone and talked to k_magic and Caesar (especially Caesar. The poor boy's the one who found David), but I honestly wasn't feeling sufficiently mobile.

And thanks! You're a pretty wonderful person yourself.

Please let me/us know about the results of the consult.

And though I'd love to see you tonight, I understand if you can't deal. It likely won't be as tearful, and there's the added amusement of watching me try to do suicide with my range cut down to 5 notes, but, well...

Thanks to both you and Timmeh for taking care of The Dill. I was kinda worried about him last night after I left but knowing that you guys were be there to help him out put my mind at ease.

To Sieur Dill's credit, he asked me if I'd give him a ride home before he came down.

I of course said yes.

But then, even if he hadn't, we still would have made sure he was taken care of. 'Cause we cool like dat.

I'm sorry to hear about David. What happened? :( My prayers are with you and your whole crew.

We don't know precisely. He was found dead by a friend - and had apparently been dead for two days at that point.

I'm in shock! David and weren't exactly friends but there was something comforting about him and his presence. I was planning on going to the bar last night but have come down with the same cold everyone else has. Going to try and make it for a little bit tonight so I can say goodbye but can't guarantee anything.

I'm glad you made it out tonight, dear.