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Thursday during the day was filled with this odd "sleep" thing I seem to do every now and then. Also, playing around on the net. Which I do much more than every now and then...

In the end, I had just enough time to grab some fast food and get to the bar. By 8:30pm, the people in the bar were myself, bluize, princesskiti22 (Have I mentioned squee lately?), and a new guy, "Harmony" (hopefully not his real name), who was busy writing out tons of slips.

Harmony, by the way, stayed almost all night, was a very good singer, and by all reports, an all-around nice guy. We'll hopefully see more of him.

I started at 8:45pm. I actually would have started a little sooner, but Kris and Keri had me restart Kris' latest photo DVD so Keri could see a picture of herself. And it's hard to do karaoke when the TV's busy doing other things. But, as they say, so what?

In fact, the first round was only about 5 people. Of course, the second round was more like 21, and that set the pattern for the rest of the night.

I think I counted 28 individual singers by the end. I made it a large part of the way into the 5th rotation before shutting down at 2:00am sharp. I actually might have run over by a bit, but we'd gotten a noise complaint from the hotel, and I didn't want to give any Mountain View cops more of a chance to be macho than necessary.

A very, very fun night. Effie came back after what may be a year, brought her sister Kelley (and may have gotten her hooked on singing, heh heh heh). We kinda suspect it was an extremely drunk Effie in front of the bar that prompted the noise complaint.

We had a full night of candiddani, and of course, an attached koc_hex (who just joined LJ (Hi, Hex!)), not that I blame anyone for, y'know, being as attached to her as possible. We're slowly weaning her off of other karaoke shows, with very satisfying progress.

We had a few hours of snafflekid before he disappeared mysteriously, a bit of Eddie and Shawn (who got to sing once each - and that after I did a little finagling), and then the FurtherConfusion crowd. Since 1ferritgurl doesn't live here anymore, I pretty much only see her when cons come through.

For some reason, I found synkitty's dismay at Devon's presence quite entertaining. I definitely do have an evil streak...

In fact, I had trouble not laughing at the aftermath of a drunk Effie smacking Synthia on the ass.

And, of course, there were a whole bunch of other people - Joshua and Adrian came back, for one thing.

I had an absolute blast. Hell, I got a personal encore performance of Keri motorboating Lisa.

Surprisingly, I had everything closed down, refiled, and loaded by about 2:40am. Including my share of the astounding $6 in tips. I swear, the busier the night, the lower the tips. This is a large part of Keri's income from the night, people!

I decompressed at the Mini, then came home and and relaxed some more. I crawled into bed at something like 10:15am, and woke up for little bits here and there. I was up enough just before 5:00pm to see that a part I'd ordered for supersniffles was available, so I threw on some clothes, went out and grabbed that, then came home with some dinner for myself and timenchanter. Right now I'm trying to get myself motivated enough to get in the shower - I'm supposed to be at the bar in an hour, to introduce the new DJ group to the sound system.

I have spent an enjoyable part of the afternoon in a text conversation with Debbie. Not that this is rare, but the notable part is that I now have a new project: Visiting her shortly, preferably in early March, though we still need to check for schedule conflicts. This means I'll be talking to people about filling in a week's worth of shows in a day or two.

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