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It turns out the new laptop can read CD+Gs quite readily. On the other hand, the only player I know for Linux, pykaraoke, won't show anything, at least not on this display. I'm beginning to suspect that I should have shelled out for the more expensive video card option. I'm running into a truism of software testing, which I'm sure is more blatantly true with free software: No engineer ever tests things out on the low end hardware.

None of this is vital right now, but I like to keep things flexible.

I've downloaded a cute new toy for the Treo: My Location. It uses cell tower info to approximate where you are, then loads the phone's copy of Google Maps with that location. It can be up to half a mile off, but that can still be useful.

Even if it thinks I'm sitting on the southbound 101 sound wall...

timenchanter and I had a nice dinner at the Macaroni Grill with the wonderful and vivacious rebekie, then all three of us met up with kizmet100 at Shoreline for a showing of The Golden Compass. Very cute movie, though it was fascinating seeing the changes from the book. It's a given that a lot had to be compressed, but it was amusing to note that the Magisterium being a branch of the Catholic Church was simply not mentioned, and that the attempt to shoehorn "dust" into dogma was glossed over.

Timmie and I somewhat suspect that having Lyra learn who her mother is from said mother was partly done as a joke - the scene felt much too much like "Lyra, I am your mother!" "Nooooo! That's impossible!"

Ian McKellen as Iorek was a little jarring, too. I mean, he did a fine job, but I kept on expecting the bear to place himself in front of a group of enemies and cry "You shall not pass!"

But again - much, much fun. And a few scenes - the first introduction of Nicole Kidman was shot from behind her, as she walked into a hall in a slinky dress. Maggie and I were salivating in stereo.

Afterwards, Maggie, Timmie, and I just happened to drop by the Infirmary, which was actually reasonably busy. I ended up talking a huge amount with (annoying) Bob, who does have interesting things to say. Still annoying, though - though he bought me two Jack&Cokes. I got to spend a fair amount of time talking with the quite drool-worthy hektikat, and even dancing with her. Sorta. I was exhibiting my usual level of grace...

Then back home, where I've finally finished putting up the third bookshelf. Nothin' like standing on a bed playing with power tools when you're tipsy. Now I just need to move a clotheshook, then vacuum up some of the sawdust.

Well, and maybe shelve some books. But let's not be too hasty.

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