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Bruce [userpic]

I made the mistake of trying the new über-expensive keyboard. It's damn sexy. I think I'll keep it.

It's definitely designed with the whole "home theater PC" thing in mind - it fits comfortably on the lap, and the trackball and scrollwheel work best when it's held in both hands. But whatever. It should actually reduce some errors I've had (accidental multi-tap), and hopefully won't have some of the interference problems that the older keyboard had.

I finally talked Jasmine through her problem around 11:15pm. I'd been planning to go visit, but it was probably best this way - she was doing all the actions, and so the process should have set in her mind better. It's an interesting exercise, trying to do phone support for the computer illiterate. Thank goodness she's reasonably bright, or my tendency to use jargon would have completely screwed things up, rather than just slowing them down.

I've been trying to see if this laptop will read CD+Gs. I started cdrdao, and I think my mistake was telling it to read the subcodes "cooked." It just took about 2 hours to read a disk. Now I get to see if there's actually graphics data available - and consider what I might do in the future. Not reading them raw means I won't get as many weird glitches in the graphics.

timenchanter's suggested that we go see that atheist movie at Shoreline tomorrow evening, before it leaves the theaters. Sounds like a plan. I'm hopefully going to bed shortly, and will be up early enough tomorrow that I can put the third bookcase together - finally.

Sigh. Somewhere during the last stages of my divorce, my wife told me "No one will ever love you like I did." I still haven't figured out if that was a curse or a blessing. I just know that sometimes I get a feeling of bone-weary loneliness.

Which makes some things I really shouldn't do very, very tempting. I've joked around - as have others - that I really only go for the nutcases. I've been doing a fair job of changing that. Except it seems that of all the people I'm attracted to, only the nutcases love me back...

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We both totally fail at "never date anyone crazier than you," don't we?


It's worse than that

We not only date them, we fall for them.

HUGS back, dear.

Good luck staying awake!

Re: It's worse than that

Like the proverbial ton of bricks....

"Awake" isn't so much the issue. Invested in what I'm doing is the issue.

(And I'll have to go back to IKEA sometime soon; the lampshades I bought don't fit - which shouldn't surprise me, since I didn't buy the lamps there. I'll be sure to let you know when.)

Re: It's worse than that

Woo! Interior decorating trip!

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Well, I certainly can't say it's inappropriate.

What's with the whole GDoFO thing, anyway? Did you suddenly discover some Irish ancestors?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

(insert insufferably smug look here)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

What can I say? Alex takes good pictures. That particular one is framed and in his living room.

Scared me half to death when I first saw it.

And apart from the quip, I'm still honestly waiting for an answer to the question. Have we made our semi-annual flip from "Alcohol! I don't touch that nasty stuff!" to "Bartender! Quick! I haven't had a drink in minutes!"?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Coolness. I did see your "schedule" post.

And I guess I don't "get" it. Which wouldn't be the first time...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Hmmm. Not sure I agree with that one.

Your greed is superficial. You definitely want the best of everything, but you want everyone else to have it, too. True greed wants everyone else to suffer.

That said, I think the "pride" value is too low...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Not much of a source - other than Gore Vidal's quote "It is not enough to succeed - others must fail."

It is simply that, from observation, greed is wanting more than anyone else. And I'd say, also from observation, that while you fit the first half ("more"), you don't care all that much about the second half.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Oh, OK then! You're a greedy little bitch!

Satisfied? :-D

I seem to get the crazies a fair amount of the time too. Don't you also get a fair amount of propositions from lesbians? They're lucky you're too honorable to take them up on it. I know the sense of loneliness you feel. It usually hits me hardest around the holidays. Hey if you and Tim Eh go see the movie can I tag along? I've been wanting to see it. Was going to go with Cara but she wanted to see Sweeney Todd more.

If I actually got propositions from lesbians, it wouldn't be so bad. I get more the "If I were straight I'd so date you" bit. Meanwhile the straight ones give me the "Oh you're so wonderful, I love hanging around you - hey, wow, he's cute" and then go and date some other guy.

But I'm not bitter. Or whiny. Not me.

As far as honorable - if a proclaimed lesbian seemed truly interested, I might just go through with things. I tend to be more honorable in that I'm not big on sleeping with the drunk. At least (ahem) not any more. I don't want to be a regret in the morning.

I'm just getting up, and haven't talked with Timmie, but I don't see why you couldn't join us. We're going to the 7:25pm showing at Shoreline.

Oh, well, there it is, one of the dangers of reading a journal is to see flashbacks of shared experiences.

If you see the movie, take special note of every occasion when Nicole Kidman (mis)handles a dæmon. Watch all the faces for the response of the other actors, and the makeup/special effects. They did a good job of communicating the failure to communicate.

One of the dangers - and one of the advantages.

I'll look for that. A certain kind of willful cluelessness is an essential part of her character, so it would be great if they got that down.

There are some memories from frosh year which, no matter how I view them, seem equivalent to the vast tracts of DNA which don't serve to produce any useful proteins. Perhaps someday I'll become aware of some function that they serve by persisting.

You may perhaps find they have some use later, if and when your daughters go through similar experiences.

The ability to empathize can be important at times.

In which case I might be lucky if they were still listening to me at all, neverminding that having observed is not the same as having experienced, so it might be prudent to ensure that they already are acquainted with someone mentor-like who has experienced. That's not the sort of relationship that it's easy to arrange in advance.

In any case, whether blessing or curse, the original statement in question undeniably falls into the category of "true".