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Bruce [userpic]
Oh Dear

I was debating going to bed vs. building a bookshelf this morning around 7:00am, when I got a call from timenchanter. At least I think it was him.

He sounded like death war... no, he just sounded like death, come to think of it. From what I could make out, he asked me to pick up cekyr0 and jeffercine for him.

So I'm assuming he's stuck in Vegas, too sick to come back. Hopefully he'll be able to get in contact with his family there.

And I'll be happy to pick them up, if I can just get someone to respond with their flight info...

Oh - and I picked the "sleep" option. It suddenly felt like today was gonna need it.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: worriedworried

Just got a call - a much more coherent one.

He was just very, very, very, very drunk. Still may be a bit, even.

He's off to the airport to see if he can wrangle a flight home.