Bruce (kor27) wrote,


The show last night was, on the whole, awesome. Which was actually kind of unexpected. After all, the Stripes - and supporters - are all in Vegas, and so a large contingent of regulars wasn't going to show up.

But we were still busy, and had a whole load of fun. A reasonable chunk of which can be blamed on princesskiti22, as usual.

I started a bit latish, but mostly because I got there late - some gyrations getting dinner, and then a little delay picking up rue_gingertabby. So it was about 8:20pm when I actually started. By then I had about 7 people signed up.

The rotation size hovered around 12 all evening, with the usual slight drop at the end - I was able to fit 8 in, total.

Notable people I can think of offhand included mrmouse, a new (and enjoyably eclectic) guy named Andrew, Nate-o and "Ms. Lopez" (a really cute friend that's apparently teaching him bellydancing), Bennie, Daniel (who stayed all night, and sang the last song, as he was trying to head out the door), Hex, spawrhawk, and the usual list of others that will occur to me shortly.

There was much singing, a little dancing (of the "we get to watch Mikey" variety), and altogether a warm feeling.

The warm feeling was helped by bluize, who brought a ton of wood, and burned it all. There was a blazing bonfire in the fireplace all night, which had its frightening aspects, but also felt wonderful.

Kris was busy all night, and Paula almost smiled.

The only downside, really, is that I'm still sick. I swear I've traded off getting really sick for mild, lingering irritation. Which is pretty much what I had all last night. I almost lost my voice on the last song, which should just not happen.

So I was a little distracted, and a tad less involved, all night.

After shutdown, Beckah and I went out to the Mini, where I had my usual soup and tuna melt. Then I dropped her off and came home, and had my usual fun time wrestling with my soup and tuna melt. I swear that someday I'm going to win that fight.

But after things subsided, I got some good sleep. And then decided it was going to be a sleep day, so I got some more.

There has been some consciousness today, but that pales beside the sweet, sweet sleep.

Right now I'm sitting in my chair with the space heater going, laptop on my lap, throw over my legs, munching on delivery pizza. The Buddhists can go on about inevitable suffering, and there are a number of things I bitch and moan about in my life, but there are also some very nice little quiet moments.

I'm debating perhaps doing something positive and purposeful. More sleep is fairly high on the list right now.

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