Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Over and About

Not too long after my last post, timenchanter and I had dinner at On The Border, then dropped by Nerdvana to look at SD cards and CPU heatsinks for supersniffles. No luck on the latter.

On the former, well, I needed something between 32Mb and 2Gb. The single cheapest card was a 2Gb. It seemed silly, but what the hell.

The funny thing is that one of the main reasons to do the Treo update is that it provides support for 4Gb cards.

We also did, indeed, drop by the Infirmary, and visit with lizzstar and company. It was good seeing the Lizz, though it was a pretty dead night. We actually stayed longer than I had planned, since Dane dropped in. In fact I felt a little guilty when I did drag Timmie away around 11:30am.

Then home, where I spent yet more time trying to get the new Treo update to work. Well, not quite. The update worked quite well, and produced a factory-clean phone that was quite functional. Restoring my data from flash, however, put the phone in an infinite loop.

After going through that a couple of times, I restored through HotSync, which unfortunately doesn't restore everything. But then, that's probably why it worked...

So I got to spend time trying to figure out what had been missed, and getting that to work. I think I've finally got it back to where it was.

So, anyway, after some money and quite a bit of work, I have the latest version of my phone firmware! Woo-hoo! I can't tell much of a difference, but the version number is higher!

I got to sleep around 4:00am, and woke up again at something like 8:30am. Heartburn is such fun. Anyway, it meant I got to say goodbye to Timmie, and was also dressed, clean, and ready early for picking up cekyr0 and jeffercine. I even had time to get the car cleaned. Though I've got to remember to not tell that particular place to use the "spice" air freshener. It was more like Eau de French Whorehouse. But at least it faded fast.

I showed up at the Hamptons at precisely the agreed time, and then stood around and talked for 45 minutes while the boys finished packing. But no matter - I got them to SFO in plenty of time, and they've since let me know that they've landed.

The main downside then being that I was heading home through rush-hour traffic, and beginning to nod off...

But I survived. I even got my beard trimmed and a check deposited, because I'm just that much of a multi-tasker.

So now I'm home. I've been napping a bit, with the general hopes that I'll stay awake through the show tonight...

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