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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post I - of course - slept. Which was my activity largely until I got ready for the evening. I mean, there were a few things. I've completely restored the data to the replacement drive for my old laptop. I just haven't installed it yet...

Then I need to figure out what to do with the laptop. I don't know how much life it's got left, but it's got some, and even I only need so many computers.

What with one thing and another I didn't get to the bar until just before 8:00pm. Of course this meant that dwo, hollyk, and sjgrrrl were already there and waiting. Honestly, I should be late more often. When I'm on time, not as many people show up.

And that was the start of a pretty busy night. In contrast to Sunday, we had one more rotation (8), but without the "killer" rotation followed by a die-off. People came, people left, but the rotation stayed fairly solidly around 12. The bar and I did quite well, in fact enough to more than make up for the shortfall last week.

As usual, I won't be able to list everyone. Definitely candiddani, who I'll forgive for neglecting me and focusing on Hex because Hex is, let's face it, pretty awesome. I can't forget snafflekid, because I had way too much fun torturing him. I still can't believe he actually sang Snowbird.

rue_gingertabby, who it turns out was acting a little wilder than usual because she was coming down with a fever, was there most of the night. She was starting to have chills by the time I rescued her from her work site after the show.

We had a bit of Shawn and Eddie, some lucydogstringer (with a "straight" friend in tow), a couple of cute little gay boys (Adrian and Joshua), some spawrhawk...

The rest will come to me in a flash as soon as I post this.

I had way too much fun picking songs. Amazingly, most people sang the ones I gave them. In fact, the only person I had real difficulty with was, again, timenchanter. Lately, if I pick a pop song (regardless of popularity or period), he doesn't know it, and if I pick country, he complains that that's all I give him.

Ah well. This too shall pass. I always have trouble reading someone, and for some reason it's frequently the person behind the bar.

After closing down and rescuing Beckah, I spent a couple of hours relaxing at Denny's, then made my way home, and for the first time ever, didn't unload the car. It was too cold, and I was too tired. The spot normally taken up by the rack on my workbench is also the perfect place to set up my space heater.

So I went to sleep in an actual warm room. Nice.

I've been up for a little while now, catching up and sipping tea.

For my next trick, I'm going back to bed.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake
Re: jealous of your sleep

Well, I am pretty awesome.

Though I suspect you might not have stayed out quite as late last night if Hex hadn't been there...

I'd feel guilty except (1) I don't have the income that a "real job" would afford me, and (2) I've paid my dues. It's impossible to do with this set of nights, but back when I did a Thursday through Saturday set of shows, I regularly got near to no sleep from Thursday morning through to Saturday morning every week.


I remember someone being there, and they even made a request that you sing Disco Duck. He seemed like a pretty awesome type of guy to me. hmm...what was his name.....

Edited at 2008-01-15 11:50 pm (UTC)

Re: ahem

Oh yeah, I kinda remember him. His name, his name...

"P" something. Peter, maybe? Doesn't seem quite right.


Re: ahem

Doesn't seem right to me either. Could it be Patrick? Percy? Perry? Maybe Pablo....

Either way, he was HOT!! Much hotter than the "cute gay boys" you mentioned. (which brings me to think we need to get you to a few more straight bars from time to time).

Oh, and btw...it was quite a giggle to see the Rob Thomas war by said "cute gay boy" vs un-named hot guy. lol


Re: ahem

Heh - when I say "cute gay couple", I mean "Awwwww, look at the widdle gay boys, they're so cute!"

Lisa was doing a great job of providing my eye candy for the night, thank you. Though she was hanging on to some random guy who isn't as hot as this one really amazing other straight guy in the bar...

I'd say that's a bit of a gross exaggeration. Especially when you consider how wide ranging you go to find something that I haven't already sang. I know that it's difficult, but there ARE things other than country. And I wouldn't find it so annoying to sing so much country if 1) so many people didn't hate it and 2) you gave me more country that I haven't sung before. All in all I only passed twice last night. And they were songs I really didn't know.

I honestly wasn't meaning to rag on you, dear. I am trying to find stuff you haven't already sung, or at least sing rarely. And it's tricky.

But then, that's what I do for everyone.

I'm just saying that I'm having a harder time of it with you, particularly, lately. Scouring the book for you starts to feel like, well, scouring. It of course doesn't help that (1) I have limited experience with country, so I can't range as widely as I'd like, and (2) It can be difficult feeling out the limits of your pop exposure. It's slightly spotty - and remarkably time-limited. Rather as if most of your exposure was friends saying "Hey, listen to this!" when something became a hit...

Then there's this whole "stare of death" thing. I forget what it was last night - something I thought you'd know, but obviously didn't - but the previous time was Hemorrhage, which I was crowing over as the perfect selection. Really good song, right in your range, something you'd at least heard Alex doing multiple times, and so should know, and not in your usual style.

You didn't say anything, I was fairly confident in the selection, so was busy cuing up following songs, and when you didn't start in on the vocal section, I looked up to find you staring at me like I'd just bludgeoned your puppy to death...

Perhaps I should work on just saying pass.

It certainly would move things along faster. "No" seems to work for most people, too.

I am sorry that I'm not doing a better job of picking for you. While I do certainly throw in some stuff for the laugh value, the vast majority is selected as carefully as I can.

And for whatever reason, lately I'm just having a hard time selecting for you. It'll likely pass, and then I'll have someone else I can't read...

Well, I tend to be more difficult than most, seeing as I have so much that IS in my envelope. No one really seemed to mind the country last night. I think maybe I'm just over-sensitive about it cuz I get flack when I sing it on Sundays and Thursdays. Ah well...it is what it is.

It was a fun night anyhow. :-)

Well, you know I'm trying for as eclectic as possible, so I'm frequently going to push for a certain amount of country, anyway.

Last night, you at least had Lisa, Heather, Mikey, and Paul, all of whom listen to it.

And there's frequently more than that. Some people seem to be in the closet as far as enjoying country music goes, and outing them is really fun. I need to give Lizz more Patsy Cline, when I have the opportunity...

And it was a very fun night - complete with captive Kendall!

Tee hee...I'm certainly not going to complain about that.

Somehow, I just didn't think you would. :-D

Lisa and I were trying to think of some country duets. I had suggested "Islands In The Stream".....

Why do I have this image of you and Tim-eh sitting in the living room, watching tv, not saying a word, and having these back to back posts online. LOL

There are a number. Offhand, in the recent stuff, there's Whiskey Lullaby. Heck, Picture is country.

And you're not far off. We haven't seen each other today, and are in separate rooms. But the doors of those rooms are 5 feet apart...

It's OK. We've been known to do this at the bar.