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Bruce [userpic]
Home Body

After my last post, I tried to sleep. For quite some time, in fact. I won't go into too much detail, but there were... difficulties.

But these resolved themselves reasonably well by 10:00am or so, and I was able to get quite a great deal of sleep, waking up here and there, but not really getting up until around 7:30pm or so.

Exciting, no?

I dragged myself into the shower, got myself dressed and ready to get out of the place, when timenchanter came home and made us dinner. Which was both good, cheap, and kinda frustrating. But I soldiered through.

The downside being that now he was actually home while on his domesticity kick. After much grumbling, I sorted through some stuff with him, then started in on the job that, as far as I can tell, would actually make a difference: Shelving stuff in my room. There is, when you get down to it, only so much storage space in the apartment, and the only thing that can happen with the stuff in the living room is that it can either be thrown away, shelved, or moved into my room. And freeing up space in my room means shelving what's already in there.

So anyway, several hours later, the second bookcase is finally full (something like 6 months after I put it up). It looks like, as hoped, I can now move the trunk and computer equipment sitting in the space for the third bookshelf out of the way, and put that up. I also have some boxes of stuff I honestly should just dump.

In this day and age, I'm not sure the world needs that many back issues of Scientific American and Smithsonian. I certainly don't.

Around about 6:00am, I harkened to the call of the McDonald's bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit, which at least got me out of the apartment for a bit.

Meanwhile, back in the wonderful world of open source computing, I've had an... interesting experience. I did the daily automatic update (which is kinda cool, since it covers almost all the software that I'm using), and noticed that one of things updated was the driver for my video chipset.

That was especially interesting, since I'd noticed that a few of the 3D screensavers had some depth order problems. For example, the Endgame screensaver, which shows a rotating chessboard, would start out fine, but as it rotated the pieces that started out in front still overlaid those that were now supposedly in front of them. Quite a freaky effect.

So I tried it, just to see if there was a fix. And the order stayed correct this time, up until the point that the screen went berserk. I hit a bunch of keys, trying to get a reboot, and eventually got one.

But then I noticed during boot-up that the sound was gone, whether as a result of the crash or the update. I've played with quite a number of settings, turned the system off to reset the hardware, and so far, have had no luck getting it back. I'm hoping it was screwed up by the update, and not by the crash. But YouTube is just not in the near future for me.

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Linux DVD + Linux Rescue = save the day.

And they would have, too, if not for those pesky web pages.

Since the Ubuntu help on the subject didn't do too much for me, I did another search, and found a page that said "Check the PCM slider in the mixer - sometimes it gets set to 0."

Which it was. In fact, I knew it was. I just sorta mindlessly figured that since it was nestled between the headphones and the front speakers, it was somehow another output.

Why the system would need a PCM output is another question.

So anyway, the sound works perfectly well now...

Sorry for the frustrating part of the meal. At least as I get back into cooking more the level of messiness will go down. AND once we've finished said domesticity we'll have a dining room table. Your laptop and linens will be safe, once more!

The food wasn't the frustration I was referring to. If I'm going to try to eat pasta while reclining all the way back, and with my laptop on my knees, I deserve everything I get.

No, it's just that I use "going out" to motivate myself to get through a shower and get dressed. And then, in this case, stayed at home.

It's still good that I got washed and dressed, but I can't blame some parts of me for being slightly miffed.

Well, you DID eventually go out. I just delayed it a bit. Still I know what you mean.

No You Tube! And was going to send you some links Cara sent me to some really funny stuff too.

Send away!

  1. I got it working again this afternoon.

  2. I have two other systems that work perfectly well.