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Yesterday morning I got up, put in the claim with CSAA, mailed my baby back out to Texas (I want my laptop!  Waaah!), picked up cousin Beth from her conference, and headed off to Fremont to see the parents.

So they at least got to see Beth while she was here - not the birthday day celebration they planned.  Such is life.  On the other hand, I got to see Beth while she was here, which hadn't been planned, and she's always a lot of fun.

Kaiser released both of them around 5:00.  They put my mom through some fairly nasty tests, and still couldn't find why her chest hurts.  She decided to tell them the pain had gone away...

Packed them all up in my little Escort, dropped Beth off at the airport, then drove the parents home.  The main difficulty was that my dad had hurt his side in the accident, and every jolt or right turn brought a minor yelp out of him.

But I got them home, got back just in time to start the show (After timenchanter set up for me - thanks, Timmie!), and had a very nice, low-key show.  The only difficulty was that I was tired as hell, but I normally don't let little things like that stop me...

We had fun.

Closed up, headed home, and slept for about 12 hours straight, irregardless of interruptions.  I feel much better now.

I just got through getting my parents their rental car, and there's still some paperwork to be done, but this little episode is thankfully mostly over.

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