Bruce (kor27) wrote,


What with one thing and another, I didn't get to bed until 10:00am yesterday - and got up at around 3:30pm. Which makes the fact that I'm still up now rather... odd.

I was supposed to meet Paula at the bar at 5:00pm. I was of course late - Timmie and I got there around 5:40pm - but then, Paula arrived after we did. In fact, after we'd gone next door and bought ourselves some dinner.

And in the end we were unsuccessful. Even the addition of a new thermocouple didn't seem to allow the pilot to stay on. The fact that I may have severely fucked something up in the process just goes to show that you get what you pay for...

Anyway, we gave up on the heater around 7:15pm, both of us mysteriously unexploded. I'd even worn my Annwn t-shirt for the occasion.

I got started with the show around 8:40pm. I had quite enough singers to start earlier, but princesskiti22 had mentioned that she'd never seen the Let Me Borrow That Top video.

A very good night. jeffercine was bartending, Keri was wearing a low-cut dress, we had what was actually quite a nice crowd, including cekyr0, hogarthhughes, moahb, trivialt, and markobellydance.

justnate came in with what certainly looked like a date. supersniffles brought in her coworker Cassie.

We were reasonably busy all night, with quite a shot at 10:00pm or so when the softball crowd came in. And in the end, I ran for 6 rotations before closing at 1:55am.

I'd thought at the beginning of the night that I was finally over this cold thing. By the second song, I realized that I wasn't, and had to adjust the range of following songs accordingly. Fortunately, though, no repeat of Sunday's mid-song coughing fit.

We had a little crowd at the bar after closing, so I ran videos until around 2:30am, when I ran out of other things to shut down.

In the end, Timmie and I got out of there at 2:50am, where he cooked us both some supper. And that's all the major stuff.

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