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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Since It's Kinda Relevant-ish

Since spondee and candiddani are doing it, I will too.

77% Mike Gravel
77% Bill Richardson
72% Dennis Kucinich
72% Chris Dodd
66% Barack Obama
66% Hillary Clinton
65% John Edwards
62% Joe Biden
46% Ron Paul
45% Rudy Giuliani
38% John McCain
33% Mike Huckabee
33% Mitt Romney
30% Tom Tancredo
26% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

The last time I took this - or something like it - I was a solid lock on Kucinich. My priorities, or the nature of the questions, may have changed.

However, my basic support for people with no chance of winning continues strongly.

Not too surprising. America's idea of "centrist" is the rest of the world's idea of "right wing"...

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So pleased to read the confirmation that you are, indeed, a flaming liberal like the rest of us. Rather apropos since we hang out at KoC. ;)

Yet the world contains the occasional Log Cabin Republican...

I actually tend to think of myself as centrist, but that's likely because I just think the world revolves around me.

I'm definitely pro-personal responsibility, but I don't believe in cutting people's heads off every time they fall down.

And I agree with the traditional view of the Republican party that less government is frequently good. I'd cut out all that wasteful and counterproductive "legislating morality" BS...

Log Cabin what?

Centrist, as in you are the center of the world? Funny, that's how I live and I'm never wrong so you can't be the center of the world. Maybe just YOUR world. Yeah, that's it.

I can't really fit myself into one of those political labels. I do agree with you about personal responsibility, and I tend to get worked up about stuff that affects me or mine personally (gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research: in favor of all).

I'm not a big fan of supporting the masses or the illegals who choose not to become citizens and accept the responsibilities of that role, yet want the privileges. C'mon, I already support my Grandmother, Dad and sister with my taxes; I do not need to subsidize ESL classes at the local elementary.

Oh, sorry. That was the beginning of a rant. Glad I caught it. Now I have no idea what or who exactly I support in the presidential election. I think I need a cocktail.

Re: Log Cabin what?

I'll drink to that!

I'm kinda ambivalent on the illegal question. On the one hand, they are, basically, well, illegal. On the other, that's somewhat calculated. A number of local economies depend on them being illegal, as a way to get around minimum wages laws.

That, as I understand it, is why we don't have any functional guest worker programs in place that would allow them to be in the country legally, despite the demand for the labor.

I wouldn't worry about the taxes too much, by the way. The only creditable study I ever read on the subject said that as best they could tell, illegal immigrants were likely a drain on the economy, but only in the range of 10s of millions nationwide. Basically, gains vs. losses were so closely balanced that they really couldn't be sure which way the result went.

I tend to think the whole of American immigration needs a huge overhaul. Definitely a guest worker program, and a huge streamlining of the naturalization process. It was eye-opening to visit Ellis island, and find out that at the beginning of the 20th century, the wait to immigrate into the country was 5 hours. It's now upwards of a decade, and both incredibly time-consuming and back-breakingly expensive.

I think of the whole illegal immigrant thing as another red herring like gay marriage. Something to get people worked up about that distracts them from the real issues, like a burgeoning police state.

And I get worried about some of the stuff done to "punish" them. Denial of health services sounds all very reasonable, until you realize you've just created a large disease breeding pool...