Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Since It's Kinda Relevant-ish

Since spondee and candiddani are doing it, I will too.

77% Mike Gravel
77% Bill Richardson
72% Dennis Kucinich
72% Chris Dodd
66% Barack Obama
66% Hillary Clinton
65% John Edwards
62% Joe Biden
46% Ron Paul
45% Rudy Giuliani
38% John McCain
33% Mike Huckabee
33% Mitt Romney
30% Tom Tancredo
26% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

The last time I took this - or something like it - I was a solid lock on Kucinich. My priorities, or the nature of the questions, may have changed.

However, my basic support for people with no chance of winning continues strongly.

Not too surprising. America's idea of "centrist" is the rest of the world's idea of "right wing"...

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