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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post, I did my usual wasting time sort of thing. I finished up all the extras on the Forbidden Zone disc, played games, etc, etc...

I think it was 4:00am when I got to sleep, while toying with the thought of making a couple of new books.

I woke back up around noon with both that thought and another to do with my marked lack of clean underwear and pants.

So the afternoon was a veritable orgy of clothes washing, printing, binding, and folding. Such excitement!

So I'm bearing two new books, and wearing clean clothes, including the new shirt my parents gave me yesterday (it arrived late for Christmas).

I have no idea why they think I'm a 2XL, but no matter. The main thing is that the graphic on the shirt is not my fault.

Current Location: On The Border
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

so, what *is* on the shirt???

Missed it!

Though honestly, you didn't miss all that much.

It just isn't my fault. For once.