Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Some discs have been ordered. A number, really - a little over $100 worth. Mostly based around requests. Given at least one is a used, resurfaced disc, I expect it'll be a couple of weeks before they all arrive, though I may have the vast majority by Monday evening.

I'm still trying to recover the laptop drive. Taking a slightly different tack, but only slightly. More and more it looks like it just occasionally takes a long time to come back from an operation. Like a couple of minutes in the worst cases.

I'll keep plugging at that. At least the most important stuff is on my backup flash drive.

And I've slept a bit, including some very odd dreams this afternoon. I was going to a party at someone's apartment, but couldn't remember who it was, or which apartment. Kept on almost dying - the tripping over a kid's toy next to a missing piece of railing was especially interesting.

Finally found the right apartment, then took off my shoes. And all clothes other than underwear for some unknown reason.

One of the people there was dancin_whitey, and I was excited to see him, since he'd disappeared from the face of the earth. While talking to him, I realized how torn up my underwear was, and started fruitlessly looking for my pants...

Anyway, gotta clean up, load up, feed up, and get to the bar.

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