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Bruce [userpic]

Yesterday was... interesting. Mostly fun, though odd in that I didn't touch a drop of alcohol. I tried to put together a countdown program for midnight, but just ran out of time. It was good practice, though, and I may continue with it for next year.

I left the house "early" at 6:00pm, and headed to Panera for some food. Turned out they'd just closed. So I tried Taxi's, which turned out to work - and they have WiFi!

OK, I only went there because I knew they had WiFi.

Anyway, got to the bar, realized the clock I use for a screensaver on my laptop would work OK, transferred it, and did my best to get ready for the night.

There was a guy at the bar when I arrived - Rick, I believe. Friendly enough, but sets off a whole series of alarms in my head. He was doing his best to ingratiate himself with Paula, and from the sounds of it is trying to convince her to have him as a bar manager.

And he did the best thing for that he possibly could. He spent huge amounts of money last night. I'm just afraid he's considering it an investment in huge amounts of skimming. Time will tell.

In any case, he's one of the reasons I did quite well last night.

Shortly after that, dwo arrived. By 8:30pm, it was largely just us in the bar, so I started anyway. Two two-person rounds later, kshandra showed up, and I had the trio of singers I was going to have for the rest of the night.

25 rotations before closing at 1:55am. David and I sang 25 times, while Kirsten did a mere 23. A couple of people put in a song here and there, but that was mostly it.

Actually, three. A girl calling herself Lolita did a damn fine job of Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap, then hung out with David for the rest of the night, complaining about what a bad singer she was. Jessica and Sarah sang something that I don't recall right now. One of them is Betsy's girlfriend, and the other was hot (and so, soooo drunk). And Betsy did another fine rendition of Ugly Girl.

That doesn't mean we weren't busy. Betsy convinced a bunch of friends to come in, so by around 9:15pm, the place was fairly lesbionic. And even, for that matter, relatively full. And Rick was buying rounds. They mostly seemed to be enjoying themselves, though the bar did get an email afterwards about the "crappy singers." I had wondered whether I really should be doing suicide or not, but hey, the three of us were having fun.

I more or less managed the midnight thing OK - it involved playing some music on WMP at a lowish volume, while sneaking a browser window with the clock on it onto the secondary monitor, then killing that and playing Auld Lang Syne. Most people were crowding around Betsy to grab a free round, anyway.

I made out like a bandit. My portion of the take last night was about the size of the bar's take on a really good Monday. I only made one tip, but it was a completely non-anonymous one from David, and involved a couple of zeros.

I got out of there around 2:30am, then joined Kirsten for supper at the Cardinal. Around 3:30am or so, we said our goodbyes, and I headed to the Hamptons.

The place looked dead from the outside - hell, there was only one car parked on the main street. Turned out it was merely drowsy. I had a fun couple of hours hanging out with cekyr0, jeffercine, chargerboy, intrusting, and Chase.

Then home, a little unwinding, and sleep.

I woke up this afternoon to a dead laptop. It looks like the hard drive has gone bad. I was about to buy a new one anyway, but I'll likely be trying to salvage what data I can later. In the meantime, I'm kinda naked.

Speaking of which, I've gotta get myself dressed, try to pay the rent, and then I have to see a girl about a movie...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

They mostly seemed to be enjoying themselves, though the bar did get an email afterwards about the "crappy singers."

...which is easily negated by the number of people I had come up and compliment me last night.

I was about to buy a new one anyway

Oh, good, we can shop together. :D (You ever hear back from the folks at Rebound?)

I was kinda wondering about the whole "crappy singer" thing. I mean, I wasn't doing all that well, but then it's hard to sing Chocolate Salty Balls to a crowd of non-responsive lesbians. But I didn't do too badly picking for the two of you, and you're both excellent singers.

But whatever. There's always someone who feels the need to complain.

I'm not sure about the shopping together thing - though I'll be happy to shop with you. I've got my eye on a couple of $900 Linux machines, and have been ping-ponging between the two of them. I think that's a little higher than you've been wanting to go.

And no, I haven't heard a thing back from the Rebound man. There's a warehouse on Lawrence we might want to go to, though.

realized the clock I use for a screensaver on my laptop would work OK, transferred it

transferred? Shoot, what's the world come to? In the old days of Z80-based add on graphics cards for text terminals (total cost $3500 for something barely more capable than a Tektronix storage screen) I wrote a graphical clock application during a rainy night on Mt. Hamilton, after debugging the array-processor code which we really wanted to be using.

Do tell what model of laptop you choose, though.

Ah, the good old days.

I wanted something with a fair amount of graphical pizzazz, and honestly didn't have enough time to design the graphics.

Quite apart from the Python and wxPython learning curves.

And the Flash clock I transferred is very nice. While the digits are in a 7-segment LCD style, segments "fold" out or in to form successive digits.

Right at the moment, I'm leaning towards a System76 15.4" notebook, preloaded with Ubuntu.

The main competitor is the similarly priced Dell. I'm just a little ambivalent buying from Dell, though...

Lesbionic!?! Hmm maybe I should have gone to the bar rather than the Hamptons last night. I think we had maybe three lesbians there last night.

the strange man's name was randy and i have to admit, it was fun watching the interactions between he and cruz. some of their conversations really had me laughing, which is why i lost it during 1 of my songs.

thanks for a great evening. so glad you did suicide, because i could never have picked out 25 songs on my own.

He may be fine - in fact, he might end up being great for the bar. He just, well, sets off alarms...

You're very welcome, despite embarrassing myself a bunch of times in front of strangers, I had a pretty good time myself.

And I got one step closer to my goal of making you snort Guinness...

probably his forwardness and slightly overly friendly attitude, but damn, did he spend a lot.

it looked like everybody has having a good time.

yeah, a bit too close for comfort. ;)