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Bruce [userpic]
Old Acquaintances

Not much happened during the day Sunday. I slept, got ready for the show, had a late dinner.

The show itself was interesting, in that a large fraction of the people there hadn't been in for months. In the case of Hex, I think it was more like two years. I didn't initially recognize him.

There were certainly some of the usual people - trivialt and Jason came in, John (Big Bad) showed up back from his various holiday activities, rue_gingertabby, the sexy hektikat, sjgrrrl, and so on.

But we also had tlsthatsme, mouse7384, Alisha, Shelley, and lizzstar.

OK, Lizz was in a couple of weeks ago. But that trip to Guam means the "new Lizz scent" hasn't worn off yet. Besides, she's still starting to realize what songs I've gotten since she left...

On the whole, it was a slightly slow night, but only slightly. Bar income was a tad low, but only a tad. I didn't get started until 8:30pm, but not later. And while we ran for 9 rounds, it wasn't, y'know, 14.

I closed down, got paid, and got out of there by 2:30am, then ran off to mean Tobi and Alisha at Denny's. timenchanter was a bit longer talking to Paula, then joined us. We kept talking until about 4:00am. Good times.

Then home, and a number of hours fiddling with Python. I'm trying to get something ready for tonight - only time will tell if I'll make it. I was up until 7:00am doing that, slept some, and now I'm at it again.

It'll be interesting to see what tonight will be like. Definitely the lowest-key New Year's Eve I will have gone through at the bar. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I don't even know if Paula's doing the champagne thing at midnight. If not, those of us there will just have to do a round of shots.

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shots at midnight....now there is a novel idea. ;)

I've never been all that much into champagne, anyway...

nor have i, although dom is kinda nice. other than that, not so much.

I rediscovered Saturday that Asti Spumante is rather nice. Not technically a champagne, but definitely a good sparkling wine.

A sweetish taste, but a dry finish. Most of my problem with champagne is the combination of the initial "bite" with how the aftertaste turns sour.

yes, used to drink that years ago. another good 1 was ballatore gran spumante. not as good, but usually ran 1/2 the price....

If the bar has to close early for some strange ass reason, you and Timmie are welcome to join us for our little party. :) Got good food

I'll keep that in mind, though Timmie's going to be at the Hamptons blow-out.

Like everyone else on the planet. Mark and Kristi and a bunch of others too. Thanks for thinking of us


>>>a number of hours fiddling with Python<<<

Nobody wants to hear that dirty talk!