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Bruce [userpic]
Party on the Hill

I didn't sleep all that much last night. I certainly had the opportunity, but I just didn't, for whatever reason. Then I woke up around 8:00am, and finally almost had to drag myself back for a couple of hours at 10:30am.

The problem being that I needed to get up early, wrap my parents' gifts, then up the hill for the family Christmas party.

timenchanter, who has much more reason to complain than I, came back from helping a friend move, grabbed a quick shower, and we got going.

Just part of the way up the hill, we got stuck behind a Volvo going at insanely slow speeds. I burned rubber regaining traction after it stopped cold once at the top of a switchback. And it wouldn't get out from in front of us. At all.

It turned out to be Carol, an old family friend, on her way to the same place. It's always awkward when you want to string someone like that up by her thumbs...

The party ended up being my parents, myself and Timmie, Carol, my cousin Beth, all four Banerjees, as well as Sophia and her daughter. I was much embarrassed by the fact that I didn't remember her daughter, especially since she's now out of college and working in the City.

Sophia was one of my dad's graduate students back in the 70s. I crushed on her like crazy, and she's still pretty damn hot. She also teaches college in west Texas...

I think my gifts went over well - or at least OK. I did reasonably well - a book, a calendar, some truffles, and $100 towards new shoes. In any case, we all had a lot of fun, then quite a lively dinner. My mom actually made some of her spinach soufflé, which I haven't had in decades. Yum! Jhumi brought her usual samosas, Beth brought papadums and dhal, my mom had a ham, Carol cooked some kind of persimmon cake - it was the usual eclectic fare, of which we all ate far too much.

I made Beth show me her ring. It was apparently given to Vee by his grandmother, who made him solemnly promise that he would use it to marry a nice Georgia girl. One assumes that there's a grave somewhere down south that could be successfully harnessed to a generator right about now...

And that's about it. Much impassioned discussion of human rights, human nature, and Sruti's desire to change the world. Much talk of teen drinking, parental hand-wringing, and of what happens to people with no experience of alcohol when they hit college head first.

The usual.

Most everybody took off around 9:30pm, then Timmie and I took off at about 10:30pm, in large part because the poor guy is tending tonight. After that, he'll be immediately heading to Morgan Hill, in order to babysit for people that think 5:30am is a time to get up.


In the meantime, I'm going to do something stupid like grab a late night snack, and likely go to bed. I's tired.

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I didn't sleep all that much last night. I certainly had the opportunity, but I just didn't, for whatever reason.

Ugh. My condolences. I'm well acquainted with the problem.

sounds like a great time with family and um, well....family.

fucking perverts!

Yeah...the sick thing is that my brother was getting up that early to go to a job interview. Psychotic!

on a sunday? he truly needs help.

Yeah. He's taking a second job since his wife isn't going to be working. I guess Safeway doesn't much care about weekends. lol