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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Busy When Conscious

Last night's show was the busiest we've had in quite a while. We started at about 8:50pm, ran 5 rounds, and closed at 1:55am.

More importantly, 'twas fun. princesskiti22 did a fabulous job, which is unsurprising, though she forgot her "tips here" necklace. For some reason she didn't take my suggestion of using markers all that well...

Some friends of hers from LA came in - Nicole, Frank, Jessi(sp?) and Monica. It's good to have a bit of a north-south karaoke dialog going.

Whatever that might mean.

Mikey H. came back, dwo was there for most of the night, as were cekyr0 and jeffercine. Rick visited after what must have been quite some time, since he was surprised to find the Disney songs.

And a whole host of others. It was quite a nice crowd.

No trivialt this time, but some definite hogarthhughes.

Afterwards, supersniffles thought it would be best if she got some food, and timenchanter was passed out in the back, so we decided to head to Denny's to help sober everyone up.

It took me something like 10 minutes to convince Timmie to even consider getting up, then we put him in Cindi's car, so he could recline.

Cindi was unable to wake him at Denny's, so we had a nice meal, then went through another 10 minutes trying to convince him to get out of her car, and shoehorn into the back of mine.

And, of course, when I got home 7 minutes later, it was completely impossible to wake him up.

So he slept in the car until 5:40am or so. About 20 minutes after he came in, I headed back out to unload the car, which hadn't been possible with him there.

Then slept for most all the day. I was finally up and sort of readyish for the day by 6:00pm, got Timmie to Fawkes, then made my way to Oakridge. I needed to send out a bill, they insisted on a money order or cashier's check (because they (the California BOE) are schmucks. Long story), and the Oakridge post office is open until 9:00pm.

After a mere 40 minutes of standing in line, that task was done, and I headed to Borders to shop for my mom. They didn't have what I was looking for on the shelves, but there was a copy in the window, so I got someone to dig that out for me.

Then some Coldstone to reward myself, and back home.

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Eh - they're both corporate greed giants. Borders just positions itself as "edgier."

Between them, they've managed to edge out the vast majority of privately owned bookstores. Remember Books, Inc?

At least Borders has a porn erotica section. BnN doesn't.

Oddly, I hadn't noticed.

But then, I normally get my porn the natural way. Online.

BORDERS!?!?! You are all aware of the fact that I work for a Fabulous Independent Bookstore? And that I get a 35% dicount which I am more than willing to pass down to friends?



At least I got a 20% discount?

I knew they had what I was looking for?

They're nearby?

The dog ate my homework?

Do you ship?

Heather seems to be having a little difficulty responding to comments, rather than the post, so her response:

They ship. $6 in CA, $7 outside.

As long as you are sorry... : )

we ship. $6.00 in CA, $7.00 outside of CA.