Bruce (kor27) wrote,

The Evening of Christmas

timenchanter and I were supposed to be at Eddie and Shawn's for dinner at 5:00pm last night. That we made it at 5:30pm was, in the end, actually kind of impressive.

We set out at 4:30pm with the intention of grabbing some libations to donate to the gathering. This, of course, required finding an open store.

After a few false starts, I once again have reason to give blessings to venal liquor store owners. Long may they profit!

Not too surprisingly, the gathering also included the lovely lizzstar - at least until she went to sleep around 9:00pm or so.

The evening involved a good meal, good company, a bunch of chinchillas, a cat named Grace, a couple of cute neighbors whose names I don't remember, an equally cute visiting friend whose name I also don't remember, and her boyfriend/companion Gilbert.

Why do I have to remember his name? Ah well.

Also, a viewing of A Series of Unfortunate Events and a quick scan through Dreamgirls for particularly favorite songs.

There was a certain amount of stress involving the bar and bluize, mostly because poor Kris had her flight delayed by several hours, and was supposed to bartend last night. Paula was panicking about bartenders, and we were thinking of transferring the party there when Betsy apparently volunteered.

Just to add insult to injury, there was a miscommunication somewhere, and Shawn rushed off to pick up Kris just before midnight - only to go to the wrong airport.

But all that was eventually resolved.

Timmie and I left around 2:30am, came home, and pretty much crashed.

Today I've done quite a bit of not much. I'm finishing up my first meal of the day, about to go shop at Fry's for my dad, and am apparently joining a movie-watching night at supersixy's afterward.

I had kinda been toying with the thought of doing something productive, but why fight it?

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