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Bruce [userpic]
Christmas Eve Proper

I gathered myself together (sweeping in even all the fiddly bits hiding in the corners), and headed out last night a little after 6:30pm, searching for sustenance before the show.

Damned cultural holidays.

Red Robin: closed. Bennigan's: closed. Taxi's: closed. I ended up having dinner at Yo Yo Sushi. Thank goodness for Buddhists. Or Shintoists. Or just plain greedy commercial people.

I got to the bar on time, was pretty much set up and ready to go on time, and then had a lot of time to spend, thinking up interesting songs for people who might show up.

timenchanter showed up around, I think, 8:30pm or so.

At about 9:00pm a couple I'd never seen before came in - Liz and Ron (I know. Funny, huh?). She wanted to sing, and liked to throw songs in for him too, so I started the show.

And it was just us four for several rotations. writenwrong and supersixy came in around 10:30pm or so, as did rue_gingertabby. At something like 11:00pm, candiddani appeared, wearing a fall of Christmas ribbons in her hair, and looking quite... unwrappable...

Definitely a good time for me. trivialt came in around midnight, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone else important, like I do. But that was most of the party last night. There were a total of 11 singers, Annoying Bob was one of them, so I've accounted for 10...

Paula was there instead of Lily, and obviously was no longer used to Mondays: She asked Timmie if we should close early because of the lack of business. The bar actually ended up making towards the high end of normal for a Monday.

In fact, it wasn't too bad, rotation-wise. I closed down at about 1:55am, at the end of the 12th round. Timmie and I closed up, he headed home, and I headed out in hopes of supper.

The Mini-Gourmet's damned "Open 24 Hours" sign was on. Liars. But Denny's, bless their shrunken bean-counting corporate hearts, was actually open. My favorite waiter at the one I normally go to at 1st St. was there - apparently all the rest of the waiting staff had deserted with some excuse or another, so he'd spent a fairly busy night waiting alone. Seemed happy about the tips, though.

Then, of course, home, sitting in my chair, playing on the net, and desperately trying to digest a Denny's meal. Some people go for wimpy sports like Rugby, but I go for the a real man's game: Late night coffeehouse meal wrestling.

So I haven't had a huge amount of sleep, and now I'm going to get into the shower. Timmie and I have been invited to Shawn and Eddie's for Christmas dinner, and I'd better hurry up and get dressed...

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the other singer

Joe (I beleive his name) was there. The guy with the really good voice that sings "Listen".

Glad the bar did a good amount of business. Judging from Eric's hangover today, I bet I know where some of the money came from. LOL. JK

Re: the other singer

Timmie was just reminding me of him. As far as I know, his name is Jay - and so he signs up as "J".

The bar did just fine - though I'm sorry to hear about the hangover. Hydration is one's friend. At the very least, it puts something in the stomach to heave up...

Re: the other singer

oh yeah. It's Jay. Sorry about the mistake.

Is there going to be karaoke tonight at KOC, or will it just be a friendly gathering?

Re: the other singer

No biggie.

There's no plan for karaoke. If there's some sort of huge disturbance in the force, I might be convinced to drag the equipment over.

Re: the other singer

whoo hoo. I'll pray to master Yoda for some dark side rumbelings

Re: the other singer

Hey! Thanks for asking me to sing with you, btw. I appreciate the opportunity to sing more, and I appreciate your appreciation. ;)


Re: the other singer

Well, I appreciate your appreciating my appreciation, or something like that. LOL. Either way, it was a blast. Especially Lady Marmalade. LOL Hope to see ya around forr karaoke more often. :)

"unwrappable"? Not quite sure how to take that.

Please say hello to Alex and Jeff for me!

Merry Christmas to my favorite-ist honorary lesbian KJ!

Take it as you would most like, dear.

I'll say hi to Alex and Jeff when I next see them - though it may be a week or so...

And a Merry Christmas to one of my favorite intelligent talented hot friends!

Hope the easel went over well!

I take it I'm an idiot. For some odd reason, probably because I wasn't paying full attention, I read it as an uncomplimentary statement. Of course I should have known better because you wouldn't say anything like that. It hit me later than night, what the statement actually meant and I promptly blushed. Thanks you, dear.

I thought you were having dinner with Alex and Jeff, which is why I asked you to pass along the greetings. I may have caught you post-dinner. Anywho... I'll likely be out on Sunday. I'm now addicted to KoC!

I couldn't tell if you'd taken it as uncomplimentary, or just too forward. I'm not sure how it would be uncomplimentary, but, hey, we all take offense at odd things sometimes...

I have this unfortunate habit of making the lovely women I know blush when I'm not there. I must work on rectifying this...

But even an unseen one is a good one. Thank you for being yourself, dear.

I was having dinner with Shawn and Eddie that evening. Alex and Jeff normally have a Wednesday party, but the holidays are a little overwhelming, and they also had both a huge Christmas party, and are planning a huge New Year's party. It'll probably be a couple of weeks before the Wednesdays pick up again.

And we are addictive, aren't we? I'll look forward to seeing you!

And I'm even more of an idiot. You clearly state "Shawn and Eddie's" for dinner. WHY can't I read a bit more slowly and actually retain the information?!

Just smack me around a bit. I'll wake up eventually.

Well, I suppose. If you're really into that sort of thing...

But, your sign says you're open 24 hours.

"Not in a row."