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Bruce [userpic]
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Tomorrow's my mom's 80th birthday. Wheee!

Uh, happy birthday, mom.

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hey, stop talking jive about his mamma, we all know your mamma just a dity hoe. Happy birthday 80 year old mum btw :D

And my dad turns 84 this year.

First off, little one, I'm 45. Second off, I was a late baby. My dad was 37, and my mom 34 when I was born.

I was around 15 at the time of my dad's first heart attack...

I was born fairly late, too. My parents were married for 15 years before they had me, and I was the firstborn. Apparantly the doctors had told my mom she couldn't have kids, so when I was born they spoiled me rotten since I was The Baby That Could Never Be.®

That's rather happier than my story. My older brother was born sometime shortly after they got married in '45 or '46. Unfortunately he was brain-damaged. He never responded to stimulus, and as they put it, "just stopped breathing" after about a year.

They decided to never have another child, and I was the other child they were never going to have.

I was not only spoiled rotten, but overprotected as hell. They damn well weren't going to lose this one.

On the plus side, despite lifelong bizarre behavior, they've always been pretty happy with me as long as I (1) respond to stimulus, and (2) keep breathing. I've managed so far.

happy birthday mom. sorry about the car. ;)

I'd say I was reliving my adolescence, except this sort of shit didn't happen when I was an adolescent.

I was disturbingly squeaky-clean.