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Bruce [userpic]
Christmas Eve Eve

Right at the moment, I don't precisely remember what I did during the day yesterday. I suspect a lot of it involved "sleep." Some of it involved "binding," since I finished off the fourth songbook. I did spend a very little time playing with Python, but it was a very little time.

timenchanter and I had dinner at On The Border, then got to the bar not too long after 7:00pm. By 8:00pm, the only singers in the bar were ourselves and kshandra. I ran a couple of videos until 8:10pm, then started anyway.

tazja714 and nosfour82 showed up around 8:25pm, so the next 3 rotations expanded to four singers.

Then everyone walked in.

It's always interesting to me how that place can go from empty to crowded in a matter of minutes.

The fifth rotation was 15 people long, and it grew from there. So, as usual, I won't be able to list everybody. But of those I remember at the moment, there was the very lovely candiddani with her friend Siobhan, the quite lovely but just not my type cekyr0 and jeffercine, the graceful markobellydance, the lovely and buxom celticnoor, the tall and generally more handsome than lovely trivialt, the vivacious Sarah and lovely Paul, the lovely to have back writenwrong, and synkitty, who gave me a lovely mug filled with home-baked cookies.

A good part of the crowd was there for Lindsay's birthday, so the evening's lesbian quotient was quite a bit higher than usual.

They were all quite lovely.

In fact, I had quite a lovely time. Can you tell?

Also quite profitable. While I only got five tips for the evening, the lowest denomination was $5. Furthermore, the bar did extremely well. In fact, over twice what it normally does on a Sunday. And so, therefore, did I.

We also had a new little group that arrived late, and for some reason sat by the door. The two singers were John and Sam. While I wouldn't necessarily call them lovely, they were impressive singers. They came in quite late, and didn't get to sing too much - hopefully they'll be back.

I ended the 8th rotation at 1:50am.

Around about, I think, 1:30am, Alex started talking to Lisa because, well, she's pretty awesome. I pointed out she was a friend of spondee's, which seemed to help cement things.

The funny part was when they were all near the booth at the end of the night, Timmie said something about the Hamptons, Lisa whirled to Alex and Jefferson, and went "You're the Hamptons!"

Shutdown was pretty rapid, though it took poor Paula quite a while to count her money. And therefore quite a while for me to get paid.

Timmie and I then dropped by Carrows for some more food, then the usual home and bed thing.

I've been up for a couple of hours now, and am likely just to go back to sleep. So far I've had a nice long phone call with Debbie, which is a damn fine way to start the day.

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Yeah, once you're in Alex's shoe pic collection, you're already pretty much a part of the Collective. :-)

Works fine for me, especially if it means seeing more of you...

I hope the assembly process is going reasonably well - if not, just bring the pile of pieces in. I'm not too bad at assembly, and as an honorary lesbian, I've got a car trunk full of tools.

And I believe we have brandy...

Yep, I'm a techno-geek, semi-retired.

I'll be happy to look at your VPN issues. No guarantees (VPN is a bitch), but I've been able to help people in the past...

I'm free most days - and many evenings. Just give me a little warning. :-)

I had a great time! and So did Josh. I love vacations! I enjoy having a social life! :D me does the happy dance