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Bruce [userpic]
New Songs!

As I've already mentioned, dwo donated quite a few new discs yesterday. A total of 98 new tracks, of which 61 were completely new to the collection.

I've finished entering, cross-checking, and verifying everything, so now it's all available on my songs page. I'm not about to list out specifically what he donated - it's about a quarter of the songs on the update listing.

Check it out!

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i knew there were new tracks, but had no idea there were that many. although, i guess the eurythmics disc helped with that quite a bit.

Actually, the proportion of new songs was pretty large on everything but the two Pop Hits Monthly discs (3 and 4 uniques each - which, honestly, isn't too bad out of 9 songs).

4 new Annie Lennox songs, 5 new Eurythmics songs, 11 new ABBA songs (I can't believe I didn't have Take A Chance On Me), and the rest distributed fairly evenly.

Hell, 4 of the 6 k.d.lang songs were new.

whoo hooo

You have "Paralyzer" and "Who Knew". YES!!!!

Re: whoo hooo

Glad you like it. :-)

Of course, I've actually had both of those since October 6th...

Re: whoo hooo

Well, I did leave on November 3rd and just come back. Plus, during that three weeks prior to 11/3/07, I was a little...umm....stressed? Yeah, we'll just go with stressed and leave it at that. LOL And besides, being in Nebraska is it's own little time warp within itself. :)

Re: whoo hooo

Well, it does seem that large parts of Nebraska are still experiencing the 1950s...