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Bruce [userpic]
The Rest of the Story

After all the ocular festivities, I managed to take my dilated self to Oakridge, where I wandered about, enjoyed the halos and glows around everything, and got a teeny bit of Christmas shopping done.

Which would be Timmie's present. I thought I had one more person down, but the store was out. Dammit.

At 6:30pm, Timmie and I had a pleasant dinner at a remarkably under-crowded CPK, then did some more wandering.

We both left for home about 8:30pm, and I proceeded to do very little even remotely productive until I went to sleep at 1:00am.

A couple of hours at 8:00am this morning, accompanied by a McDonald's #3 breakfast, then more sleep until 1:00pm.

And now I'm continuing in my tradition of non-productivity, though I am doing laundry...

For some reason I have a fondness for clean underwear.

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Mood: awakeawake
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I'd be a little worried if you didn't...

I have a fondness for clean underwear.

Dude. Buy a kilt and get over that issue already.

So you're telling me the whole kilt thing got started because some Scot ran out of clean clothes, and decided to wear his blanket...

clean underwear is a good thing! sory about your eyes :(

I quite agree!

The eyes... eh, it happens. The thought of potential glaucoma is worrying, but I'm OK for now - and at least I don't seem to have a detached retina.