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Bruce [userpic]

Lessee, after my last post, I surfed for a while, then slept.

Then I considered getting some food, and even laid out some clean clothes for after my shower.

But instead, I decided to do something different, and slept.

Everyone needs a hobby.

I woke up today around 10:00am, I think. Surprisingly, by 11:00am or so, I was out of the shower, and on the phone to Kaiser.

I've got to give them some credit. After 5 levels of phone menu, giving my member number twice, explaining my symptoms twice, and eventually being disconnected while on hold, a nurse from Opthamology called me back after a mere 20 minute wait.

She had my name reversed, and I had to explain myself again, but I have an appointment this afternoon at 2:30pm. I'm hoping either (1) it turns out to be nothing or (2) it's a fast treatment nowadays. My mom went through a long, long mess over retinal detachment.

But it is whatever it is.

On a happier note, I checked the mail today, and the settlement check had arrived. Not only arrived, but it was 60% larger than I expected.

Of course, after the initial rush of joy, I started thinking about unfun things I needed to pay with it, like, say, taxes...

My first destination this morning was therefore the credit union. It'll come off hold just a few days after Christmas.

Then the question of food reared its head. After all, apart from minor snacks, it had been over 24 hours.

Difficulty: I wanted a relaxed, sit-down place, but it was noon. I tried for the Rivermark Red Robin, but it was impossible to park.

So I ended up here at Bennigan's. Where I'm having a fairly nice lunch crowded at the bar...

From here, I'm going to try to get my beard trimmed, then off for the hour of reckoning at Kaiser.

Current Location: Bennigan's
Mood: nervousnervous

I just looked up Retinal Detachment. I shuddered.

I hope it all turns out well.

Yeah, not much fun.

The moment of truth fast approaches.

I keep telling myself that at least I've got a spare, and besides, there's the advantage of looking into the latest styles in eyepatches.


You'd be a hawt pirate.

Why, thank you, dear. :-)

I look fairly good in a tricorne, but I'd have to nearly bankrupt myself in skull&crossbones merchandise...

Have a matched set of responses:

  1. Well, pirates are (allegedly) morally bankrupt, anyway, so it fits.
  2. Aren't you used to bankruptcy by now? *gd&r*

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

I can't be morally bankrupt! I've still got some sanity checks left!

And I swear there's a couple scruples at the bottom of this pocket somewhere...

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

I've still got some sanity checks left!

But your last reality check bounced years ago, no?

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

I have a bunch of reality checks.

I've just never had anything in the account...

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

Has there ever been any accounting for you?

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

There's certainly never been any accounting for my taste....

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

Wouldn't know. Never tasted you.

Re: Have a matched set of responses:

So you can't account for it, now can you?

I was at the rivermark red robin a few weeks ago. I had to park down the street where the housing complex was.

Worth it though for the bleu cheese burger. yummers.

...why am i telling you this.

I dunno. For the same reason I natter on endlessly about where I've eaten?

Their bleu cheese burger is pretty yummy. I've developed an addiction to their mac&cheese, personally.

uh..a mac and cheese..burger?

Nope. Just their "gourmet" mac&cheese, with aged cheddar, crumbles of Feta and bacon, a crumbled crouton topping, and, optionally, grilled chicken.

Good stuff, 'tis.

ooh. sounds heart-attacky! I'll have to check it out.

Oh it is, it is!

It's almost pure carbs and fat, with some protein and nitrates for flavor.



*punches you in the face*

Sorry. You got a little too close there. I don"t DO nice-ness.

Good thing I don't believe in violence. Especially to myself.

See? No damage.

I do believe I'll be using this icon a lot more from now on...

I'm glad it wasn't retinal detachment and hope that glaucoma isn't setting in. :-(

What are you doing for dinner tonight? I don't know if I can handle two quiet evenings at home in a row. ;-)

There's always hope - and if it is, there are treatments.

As far as this evening is concerned, it looks like I'll be having dinner with my best friend.

Pick the time, though if it's in the next two hours, you'll be stuck with one of the restaurants at Oakridge. It's getting better, but I've still got some dilation to overcome.

It really depends on when you want to eat, dear. If you're hungry now I'd better get started down there. If you'd rather wait I can wait. :-)

And I'm in the same boat. Dinner would be fine now, or I could wait.

I asked you first! :-p

Yes, but I think it's your turn... You don't get out of deciding just because we're not in the same car!

All right, then!

CPK, here, 6:30. That work?

Sure. I'll head out shortly. :-)

Dilation? Or Dill-ation?

Come now, dear.

If I were to be dilled, I'd have to be rather severely pickled.