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Bruce [userpic]
Extra Returns

That's who I forgot. bluize was there - and even sang several songs - with moonshae, here on vacation from the middle of nowhere.

It had been long enough that I didn't immediately recognize her.

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Mood: calmcalm

lol...yeah I didn't recognize her right away either. She wanted me to put her drink on Kris' tab, but Kris' hadn't shown up yet and I was all confused as to who she thought "Chris" was. lol

this is what happens when I listen to her..tee hee.
I was debating on just waiting until she showed up.

Oh, it all worked out in the end. It's just the hazard of me seeing words written in my head. If I'd spelled it right, we'd have been fine. ;-) It WAS good to see you though.

oh dear... and here I was thinking ya'll wouldn't remember me... >sobs

Now why would you think that? :-)

apparently I'm unrecognizable without the other half. snerk. how are you?

You seemed to look different - not exactly sure how. But then, I'm terrible with faces.

I'm OK, I think. I'm still trying to decide if I'm sick or not, or if I want to get up for "Tuesday," or just go back to bed until tomorrow.

I'm also having a bit of a hypochondria moment. My friend astroaztec pointed out my experiences of last night fit well with retinal detachment, and now I can't tell if my left eye feels weird because I'm worried about it, or vice versa...

well... only one way to find out. what were you feeling exactly? or is this something you've already written about and I should get off my lazy touchas and read it.?

It's in the "main" post for the show, at the end. Essentially, I was distracted by a bunch of blue flashes in the peripheral vision of my left eye.

I frequently get migraine aura effects, and figured it was something like that. My friend pointed out that it's one of the precursor symptoms of retinal detachment.

Since I'm in the at-risk group for that (and even have family background), I should check into it. I'll be calling Kaiser in the morning about an opthamologist appointment.