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Bruce [userpic]
Happy Returns

While I was typing up my last post, timenchanter got home, and pointed out that he was quite hungry. Being in the same boat myself, I posted, packed up the laptop, and we headed toward Panera.

About halfway there, I got a comment by kshandra suggesting dinner near her workplace, up the peninsula. So we swung up that direction, and eventually ended up meeting at a Chili's that electrichobbit will remember fondly.

One pleasant dinner later, Timmie and I took our leave, and got ourselves to the bar, where I set up while he napped in the car for a while.

Things were quite dead, at least from the karaoke point of view, until something like 8:45pm - though Matt of Matt&Marly was there. He's not been around for an excessively long time.

I was just playing random songs and surfing the net when this odd trio (Rick, Hilary, and Carsten) came in, and started putting up songs. While I was prepping for that, trivialt and Jason walked in, and I got started. Not too long after that we had Beckah, then the very lovely and talented candiddani.

Lisa, with a couple of small exceptions, let me suicide her all night. It can definitely be fun being on top...

Then Timmie, and then my mind gets a little hazy. Beckah's companion Jon put in some songs, and Matt ("David Bowie" Matt - I honestly don't know his last name) came in and rather uncharacteristically stayed all night. Plus a couple of others, I think.

So, once we started out, things got fairly busy fairly fast. Of course, this was Monday, so after a couple of rotations, people started heading out. The trio headed home to "deal with the kids," Stan and Jason took off, Beckah eventually headed to work, etc.

But of course, again, this was Monday. Shortly before midnight, Shawn and Eddie showed up with lizzstar, fresh from the islands. supersniffles and lucydogstringer appeared. The rotation picked back up, as did the party.

I mean, Lizz was back. And finally, after all these months, sang Misery Business. I have closure.

It was quite a party of a Monday. Financially, it quite made up for Sunday - the two-day total was just a couple of dollars off of average. Personally, it was even more fun that usual - Lizz always has that effect, and Lisa was there all night long.

I ran for 7 rotations, then closed down at about 1:50am. Well, apart from a group song at 2:00am, that is. Then I dragged through shutdown. For whatever reason, I didn't have the car loaded until 3:00am - and then Lily was in such a hurry to leave, she locked the door before I could tell her Timmie was sleeping in the pool room. I fortunately caught her before she rode off...

Then I deposited Timmie and the equipment at home, reinflated my front left tire, and grabbed some Denny's.

Then home, and an even odder than usual pattern of sleep and wakefulness. I haven't really had all that much sleep - and in fact I'm about to get some more - but it doesn't seem like I've been awake that much, either. I keep feeling like I might be getting sick, then not. I'm packing away the elderberry extract and Airborne, to be sure.

The oddest thing was a visual artifact that started in the last couple of hours of the show. I kept seeing a rapidly circling flash of blue light out of my left eye. I was outside when it first happened, and kept looking around for whatever was reflecting off the inside of my glasses. I massaged my neck, which seemed to help, though I was still seeing it around 5:00am - though as a down-to-up flash, instead of a circling one.

Always something new!

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google the symptoms of retinal detachment, sooner rather than later

Interesting. I laid it down to yet another type of Aura, since I get those from time to time.

It's been a while since I've seen an opthamologist. I'll see about getting an appointment in the morning.

I am, after all, in the most at-risk population. Hell, my mom's even had one.

oh, cool, linking through to ever increased cognition
Now I've got the technical name for it.

Occasionally LJ discussions can be informative.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

LJ's like that sometimes. It occasionally logs me out at random...

And I have no idea. I gather she's staying at Shawn and Eddie's for a few days.

There also was some question of whether I should leak her return to the world, but she didn't specifically say no, and I'm an inveterate gossip.

Re: No more Johns in the gay bar

Well, I am a supporter of sloth, in whatever form it takes. And of course it's the fault of the kamikaze...

Shawn and Eddie are excellent people. Actually, we have quite a few of them (excellent people, that is), as well as the occasional John...

I was doing my best to be kind - and I'm sure was being a little too limited. A list would be good, since you quite obviously know a lot outside of recent female country. After all, you were singing along with a very large fraction of the songs.

And Timmie is pretty fantastic. He's my lesbian husband, after all.

Re: No more Johns in the gay bar

"Old married lesbian couple" just seems the best description for our relationship. We live together, we do quite a bit together, we frequently finish each other's sentences, and we have absolutely no sex.

The fun thing is finishing off the last line around an older lesbian couple, and watching them wince...

Matt. Matt Hargett

My last name is Hargett. I own a mansion and a yacht. My web site (and blog link) is @ www.clock.org/~matt

I stayed all night cuz my husband was out of town, which meant that a) no one to bother me about "responsibility", etc; and b) I always have trouble sleeping when he's out of town, so I figured I might as well enjoy insomnia.